Forum Session Facilitation

Get involved by serving as a session facilitator!

Facilitating a session is easy and makes a big impact on the success of the conference. Facilitators are asked to complete the following tasks to help ensure a seamless session for both presenters and participants:

  • Arrive at the room 10 minutes before the session start time and introduce yourself to the presenter(s).
  • Alert an AIR staff member of any issues such audio/visual difficulties or the presenter(s) are not present.
  • At the scheduled start time, announce the session, remind participants of evaluations, and make any announcements.
  • Signal the presenter(s) with five minutes left, and make sure the session ends on time.
  • Record the number of attendees in the Forum App.

Sign up to Volunteer

  1. In the Forum App, click More and then choose Volunteer.
  2. Click Volunteer to Facilitate.
  3. Locate the session you wish to facilitate and click the check box Facilitate this session. Continue the process by selecting as many sessions as you wish to facilitate.
  4. When you have completed selecting sessions to facilitate, make sure to add each session to your Forum App agenda.

Enter attendance counts

At the end of each session, enter the attendance count using the direct link in your facilitator confirmation email or through the Forum App:

  1. In the Forum App, click More and then choose Volunteer.
  2. Click Enter Attendance Count.
  3. Locate the session you facilitated and enter the attendance count.

Help & Resources

View Detailed Instructions [pdf]

Download/Access the App

Need Help?

Find the 2018 AIR Forum App guide at For questions or difficulty using the App or signing up to facilitate, contact