Love of Learning Book Fair

A Community Outreach Project for Tangelo Park Elementary

AIR is pleased to partner with Rosen Hotels and Scholastic Book Fairs to support the Love of Learning at Tangelo Park Elementary. You can help us meet our goal of providing one or more books for each of the 700 students at Tangelo Park Elementary. Through the Love of Learning outreach project, our conference can make a difference in the communities we visit.

Love of Learning Book Fair at the 2018 AIR Forum

Join us in the Exhibit Hall for a Scholastic Book Fair to benefit Tangelo Park Elementary, featuring 100 titles hand-picked for the demographics and needs of Tangelo Park students.

Book Fair Details

Wednesday and Thursday in the Exhibit Hall – Booth 502

For each book purchased, one will be donated for free. Credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted.

About Tangelo Park and the Harris Rosen Tangelo Park Program

The community of Tangelo Park is located southeast of Orlando’s International Drive tourist area. From the late 1980s through the early 1990s, Tangelo Park characterized a typical urban community with low socioeconomic demographic issues: overt drug problems, poor school attendance, declining test scores, and high school dropout rates. More than 20 years ago, Harris Rosen (founder and CEO of Rosen Hotels) embarked upon a continuing multi-million dollar commitment to improve the Tangelo Park neighborhood. In addition to free preschool to children ages 2-4 the project includes all-expense paid education for Tangelo Park students who are accepted to a Florida postsecondary school or college. To date, approximately 190 children have received full college scholarships. The project is noted for its success in lowering crime, increasing education, and revitalizing a blighted community.

Tangelo Park Elementary

The mission of Tangelo Park Elementary is “to lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community.” The school provides tutors and mentors, addresses drug prevention issues, and provides workshops that address parental issues. School demographics include a student body comprised of 40% non-English speakers (mostly Spanish) and 30% African Americans. Most students are reading below grade level.

About Scholastic Book Fairs

Scholastic Book Fairs inspires a love of learning by helping schools encourage a lifelong love of reading. Through partnerships with schools, parents, and community organizations, Book Fairs give PreK-8th grade students access to affordable, popular books that will inspire them to read - and to keep reading - long after they leave the classroom. AIR appreciates Scholastic Book Fairs partnership for this project including books, staff, and numerous resources.

Photo Credit: Doug Scaletta