Thank you to our 2018 Forum Committee and Advisory Group Members

2018 Forum Strategy Committee:

The Forum Strategy Committee assists the AIR Executive Office in developing the strategic direction of the event, including identification of important and timely topics for presentation in Keynote addresses and Impact Sessions. The committee evaluates potential structural or organizational changes to the event, and shares perspectives on special conference events, such as the 1st Time at Forum Gathering, Global Gathering, and Graduate Student Gathering. Committee members serve for two years, with half of the membership changing each year.

Narren Brown, Executive Director of Research & Institutional Effectiveness, South Central College

Waddell Herron, retired/emeritus, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Braden Hosch, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness, Stony Brook University

Michael Le, Research Associate, Humboldt State University

Terri Manning, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Central Piedmont Community College

Kristin McKinley, Director of Research Administration, Lawrence University

Jason Rivera, Director of Institutional Research, Dickinson College

Christina Whitfield, Associate Vice President, SHEEO

2018 Forum Program Committee:

The Forum Program Committee assists the AIR Executive Office in ensuring a quality pre-conference workshop and concurrent session program. They evaluate the sessions recommended for acceptance via the review process for appropriate diversity of topics and represented settings. The committee identifies areas of over- or under-representation in the program and calls out important and timely topics that should be presented at the conference. Committee members serve for two years, with half of the membership changing each year.

Mike Bohlig, Assistant Director of Research, CCCSE, UT-Austin College of Education

Kathy Coy, Director of Institutional Research, William Rainey Harper College

Adrea Hernandez, Research Analyst and Data Manager, Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium

Eric Lovik, Director of Institutional Research, Reporting & Assessment, Radford University

Laura Palucki Blake, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Harvey Mudd College

Arie Spirgel, Senior Research Associate, Nova Southeastern University

Byron Walton, Research Analyst, University of Cincinnati

Kristin Yates, Assistant Vice President and Director of Institutional Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Forum Advisory Group

The Forum Advisory Group provides feedback on key aspects of the Forum. Members participate in online or email surveys which cover topics such as educational content, networking, and social events, as well as other Forum activities. Members serve as pilot testers for registration, web site content, and the Forum app.

  • Craig Abbey
  • Edward Acquah
  • Doug Anderson
  • Lourdes Andino
  • Eric Atchison
  • Agatha Awuah
  • Tracey Baham
  • Peter Barger
  • John Barnshaw
  • Matt Beehr
  • Alicia Betsinger
  • Bethan Cantwell
  • Julie Carpenter-Hubin
  • Bethany Chapman
  • Logan Collins
  • Sondra D'Aquisto
  • Lucy Dai
  • Maggie Dalrymple
  • Matthew Danquah
  • Madeleine Denison
  • Nancy DeRiggi
  • Sherry Downing
  • Phyllis Edamatsu
  • Vini Falciano
  • Kim Fath
  • Gayle Fink
  • Bobbie Frye
  • adam fullerton
  • Becky Gerambia
  • Dawn Geronimo Terkla
  • Bob Goldstein
  • Lindsey Graham Guinn
  • Steve Graunke
  • Lou Guthrie
  • Guy Hanna
  • Angela Henderson
  • Erika Hill
  • Matthew Hoolsema
  • Ebenezer Kolajo
  • Gee Lockhart Sigman
  • Steve Lonn
  • Eric Lovik
  • Lesley Lydell
  • Kris Mapes
  • Kristina McCloud
  • Kristin McKinley
  • Karen Menard
  • Dr. Mihir Mihir
  • Bethany Miller
  • Steve Miller
  • Bridgett Milner
  • David Mongold
  • Beenah Moshay
  • Brian Niemeier
  • Wendy Olson
  • Tony Parandi
  • Becky Patterson
  • Christine Plepys
  • Shawn Potter
  • Linda Reece
  • Christine Ross
  • Sonia Schaible-Brandon
  • Donna Silber
  • Natalie Solverson
  • Joe Stankovich
  • Jessica Steinmann
  • Katie Stormes
  • Janel Sutkus
  • Danielle Taylor
  • Kymber Taylor
  • Darrell Tyler
  • Liz Wallace
  • Kim Wolfe
  • Eric Yang
  • Kristin Yates
  • Henry Zheng