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Wednesday Plenaries

Drinking from a Firehose: Can Our Ability to Use Data Keep Up with the Flow of New Data?

Jeff Strohl

7 Seconds that Change Your Life: Presentation & Listening Skills

Allison Clarke


Relationships Matter: Using Data-Informed Decisions to Drive Student Success

Talithia Williams


30+ additional highly rated/attended sessions


  • IPEDS Update (Impact Session)
  • IR's Role in Organizational Diversity and Inclusion Conversations (Impact Session)
  • Breaking Down Silos: Collaborating for Data-Informed Decision-Making (Impact Session)
  • Data Visualization Showcase (Impact Session)


  • Driving IR Efficiencies With Smartsheet: Data Requests to Student Complaints (Speaker Session)
  • Retention and Transfer at Year Two for First-generation Students (Speaker Session)
  • Visualizing Workforce Outcomes and Market Supply and Demand for Policymakers (Speaker Session)
  • Innovative Ideas for Efficiently Analyzing and Sharing Qualitative Data (Speaker Session)
  • State System Research Offices: The Times They Are A-Changin' (Panel Session)
  • Summer Bridge Propensity Score Weighting on First-year Success (Speaker Session)
  • Better Ways to Measure Community College Student Success (Speaker Session)
  • IR and Marketing: A Partnership Worth Promoting (Speaker Session)
  • Tick Tock: Examining Excess Credits, Student Characteristics, and Debt (Speaker Session)
  • Multi-Methods for IR: Incorporating In-depth Qualitative Research (Speaker Session)
  • Predicting and Benchmarking Institutional Retention and Graduation Rates (Panel Session)


  • The LARC Project: Normalizing Student Data for IR and Learning Analytics (Speaker Session)
  • Unexpected Assessment Results? Strategies for Handling the “Oh-No” Moment (Speaker Session)
  • Why Do Data and Decisions Often Disagree? Build Your Data-decision Toolbox (Speaker Session)
  • Creating a Curriculum Planning Model to Predict Faculty and Space Needs (Speaker Session)
  • Outsourcing Analytics: IR's Role in the New Ecosystem of Third-party Tools (Speaker Session)
  • Predicting First-year Retention: Beyond Student-level Factors (Speaker Session)
  • Comparison of Text Mining and Manual Coding of Survey Verbatim Responses (Speaker Session)
  • Excelling at Excel: Shortcuts, Tricks, Magic Spin Button, Sparklines, More (Speaker Session)
  • Implementing and Measuring Corequisite Remediation at Scale (Panel Session)
  • Excel Grade Distribution Dashboard in a Flash (Speaker Session)
  • Optimize Your Survey Data for Reporting (Speaker Session)
  • Student Success: Multiple Measures to Predict & Compare Graduation Rates (Panel Session)
  • The Data Request Life Cycle: Reducing Turnaround Time—and Staff Time! (Speaker Session)


  • Purposeful Evolution of Data Visualization (Speaker Session)
  • Branding Your IR Office (Speaker Session)

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