2016 MyForum Scheduler

The MyForum Scheduler is Now Available

Search for specific sessions, networking events, and presentations. Build custom schedules, download presentation materials, access scholarly papers, take notes, evaluate sessions, view hotel maps, complete session evaluations, and more.

Create your schedule now and access the completed schedule on any device. Schedules can be changed at any time and notes can be added for each session. Learn more, log in, and personalize your Forum experience with MyForum. (Note that presentation materials must be uploaded using the presenter portal.)

To use the MyForum Scheduler for the first time, you will need to create a password or use the password you received from forum@airweb.org. Use the email address associated with your AIR account.

Help & Resources

Please note that only registered attendees may log in. New registrants will be added to the system within one business day of registration.

Contact Information

This year AIR is working with a new app provider. We know that transition can be difficult, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having trouble logging into or using MyForum.
Phone: 850-385-4155 x113
Email: forum@airweb.org

MyForum Mobile Apps

MyForum is available for your mobile device. Click the links below or search "AIR Forum 2016" in the iTunes or Google Play Store.

iPhone & iPad App

Apple App Store

Android App

Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive an error message when I try to log in to MyForum. What can I do?

Review information related to error codes in the Login Help [pdf] guide and/or contact Forum staff at forum@airweb.org.

What is the difference between MyForum Scheduler Web App and the MyForum Scheduler Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad?

MyForum Web App and the MyForum Mobile Apps contain the same information and are synced with each other. MyForum Web App requires internet connectivity while the Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps make it easy for you to engage with Forum content with or without an internet connection.

If I build my schedule with MyForum Scheduler Web App, will it be available on my mobile device?

Yes. When you activate the Android or iPhone/iPad app, your device will sync with MyForum Scheduler Web App to update all Forum content, including your schedule.

How can I make sure the Android and iPhone/iPad Forum Apps always have the most up-to-date info?

You can update content by selecting the Sync feature of the MyForum Mobile Apps at any time you are connected to the internet. You can find the sync link at the bottom of the menu.

Do I need to be connected to the internet at all times for the mobile apps to work?

No. You only need to have internet connection to download, activate, and sync the app. After the initial sync, the app will contain the info you need even when offline. When you have internet connection again, open the app again or hit sync to ensure you receive all updates.

Can I evaluate Forum sessions when my mobile device is not connected to the Internet?

Yes. You can evaluate sessions on your iPhone/iPad or Android device using the app, even when offline. When you have internet connection again, select Sync in the menu and all of your evaluations will be submitted to AIR.

If I do not have an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android mobile device, what are my choices to access the Forum content in offline mode?

You can download the Program Book in PDF format and save it on your device for offline viewing. You can also export your schedule to your Outlook calendar and view it later on your device.

Where can I sign up to Facilitate a session?

You can sign up to be a facilitator through AIR’s Facilitator SignUpGenius. The site mirrors the MyForum web app. Sessions are listed alphabetically within each time band. Choose the session(s) you wish to facilitate, then submit and sign-up. A reminder will be sent to you the day before your chosen session. Visit our Facilitator Information page to learn more.