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Monday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Workshops (3 Sessions)Top  

Correlation, Causation, & Evaluation: A Practitioner’s Guide to Research Methods

Presenter: Justin Shepherd

Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression in SPSS

Presenters: Kevin Eagan, Jessica Sharkness

IPEDS Keyholder Training

Presenters: Kimberly Thompson, Yvonne Kirby

Monday, 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM Workshops (2 Sessions)Top  

A Step-by-Step Introduction to Building a Student-at-Risk Prediction Model

Presenters: Serge Herzog, John Stanley

Power Tools for IR Reporting: A Hands-on Introduction

Presenters: Alison Joseph, Timothy Metz

Monday, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Workshops (5 Sessions)Top  

Advanced Statistics for Institutional Research: Exploratory Factor Analysis

Presenter: Mary Ann Coughlin

Dashboards in Excel: An Introduction

Presenter: Craig Abbey

Data Mining with R for Predicting Student Success and Financial Aid Modeling

Presenter: Oleksandr Rudniy

Effectively Targeting Presentations for Different Audiences

Presenters: John Pryor, Kristina Powers

Making the Most of NSSE: A Detailed Overview of Survey Updates, Customization Op...

Presenters: Amy Ribera, Louis Rocconi, Shimon Sarraf


Tuesday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Workshops (2 Sessions)Top  

Best Practices for Reporting and Using IPEDS Data to Improve Office Efficiencies

Presenters: Mary Ann Coughlin, Kristina Powers

Data Blending and Predictive Analytics with KNIME: Building Workflows for Instit...

Presenters: Polly Prewitt-Freilino, Nathan Rush

Tuesday, 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM Workshops (6 Sessions)Top  

Asking Good Questions: The Survey Design Process

Presenters: Hyun Kyoung Ro, Janel Sutkus

Enrollment Forecasting in Excel

Presenters: Eric Atchison, Wendy Kallina

Excel Dashboards from Unit Record Data Using PowerPivot

Presenter: Craig Abbey

Mentors in Measurement: Building Institutional Capacity to Conduct Assessment

Presenters: Ann Gansemer-Topf, Shari Ellertson, Lance Kennedy-Phillips, Kevin Saunders

Student Learning Outcomes for Institutional Success

Presenter: Paula Krist

What are Workforce Data?

Presenters: Gabriela Borcoman, Ruben Garcia

Tuesday, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Workshops (3 Sessions)Top  

Facilitation Tools for Institutional Researchers

Presenter: Phyllis Grummon

Tableau Boot Camp - From Raw Data to Polished Interactive Visualizations

Presenters: Mark Leany, Tim Stanley

Using Wage Data to Inform Various Stakeholders

Presenters: Jessica Shedd, David Troutman

Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Engage! Sessions (8 Sessions)Top  

Community Colleges

Presenters: Terri Manning, Bobbie Frye, Ricka Fine, George Gabriel, Rigoberto Rincones-Gomez, Trudy Bers

Facilitator: Donna Sohan

Faculty Who Teach IR

Presenters: William Knight, Gloria Crisp, J. Fredericks Volkwein, Jacqueline Honda

Facilitator: Joseph Rives

Global Perspectives Symposium

Presenters: Karen Webber, Angel Calderon, Diane Nauffal, Mauricio Saavedra, Sandra Bramblett, Victor Borden

Facilitator: David Vintinner

Graduate Student Gathering

Presenters: Gary Pike, Shari Ellertson, Eric Atchison, Sherry Woosley

Facilitator: Yan Wang

Health Profession Schools

Presenters: Christine Plepys, Carolyn Giordano

Facilitator: Matseliso Molapo

Introduction to Institutional Research

Presenters: Mary Sapp, Jim Lenio, Crissie Grove Jameson

Facilitator: Mark Byrd

Ivory Tower Documentary

Presenters: Jane Wellman, Teri Hinds, Kent Phillippe

Facilitator: Cynthia Glance

Small IR Offices

Presenters: C. Ellen Peters, Katy Hill, Jerold Laguilles, Anne Marie Karlberg

Facilitator: Kate McLaren

Tuesday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Engage! Sessions (1 Session)Top  

Community College Reception

Tuesday, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM Networking and Find a Dinner Group (20 Sessions)Top  

Community Colleges Dinner Group (1)

Emerging Leaders (3)

Faculty Who Teach IR (4)

For a Healthy and Happy You! (2)

For Profit Higher Ed (5)

Global Perspectives (and great desserts!!) (6)

Good Fellowship Dinner Group (7)

Graduate Students (8)

Health Professionals Group (9)

Introduction to IR Dinner Group (10)

Labor Data Group (11)

Let's Talk Data Visuals! (12)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (15)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (16)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (17)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (18)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (19)

Networking Dinner - All Welcome! (20)

Small IR Offices (13)

Small IR Offices (14)


Wednesday, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Breakfast Buffet (2 Sessions)Top  

@First Forum: Newcomers to Forum Breakfast Gathering

Welcome Breakfast

Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday Keynote (1 Session)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Wednesday Keynote with Speaker Roger Schwarz

Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Exhibit Hall and AIR Networking Hub Top  

Wednesday, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM Concurrent Sessions (22 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Applying IR Expertise to the Budget Process

Presenters: Daryl Wright, Hongmei Zhu

Facilitator: Rajiv Malhotra

(DIGITAL PASS) Defining and Developing a Model for Higher Education Affordability

Presenters: Andy Carlson, Kathleen Zaback, Brian Prescott

Facilitator: Teri Hinds

(DIGITAL PASS) KAIR Best Presentation: Increasing the Pace of Student Analytics:...

Presenters: Craig Rudick, Roger Sugarman, Katherine Tharp

Facilitator: Kristin Yates

(Sponsored Session) Going Beyond “First-Time, Full-Time”: Best Practices in Coho...

Presenters: Natalie Kistner, Aaron Thomason

(Sponsored Session) Maximize Institutional Effectiveness with Campus Labs®

Presenter: John White

(Sponsored Session) Price Versus Press on Graduation Rates

Presenter: Christina Rouse

(Sponsored Session) What if...? How PIRS Debate May Make Us Reconsider Relations...

Presenters: Elise Miller, Bryan Cook, Tiffane Cochran, Antoinette Flores

A Conversation With Jane Wellman, 2015 Sidney Suslow Scholar Award Winner

Presenter: Jane Wellman

Facilitator: Christy England Siegerdt

Best Practices in Program Review

Presenters: Sheri Barrett, Natalie Alleman Beyers

Case Study of Overall Efficiency and Effectiveness of IR/IE Offices

Presenters: Hirosuke Honda, Shigeru Asano, Toshiyuki Shimada

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

Course-Taking Patterns of Community College STEM Transfers

Presenter: Xueli Wang

Facilitator: Phyllis Grummon

Do Honors Programs Impact Learning? Findings from the Wabash National Study

Presenters: Mark Salisbury, Rebecca Post

Facilitator: Angie Miller

Doing the Math on Developmental Math Reform: Cost, Impact, and ROI

Presenters: Terri Manning, Bobbie Frye

Facilitator: Rachel Boon

Factors Influencing Jordanian Students’ College Choices

Presenter: Suliman Batawil

Moving Forward in IR: Strengthening the IR Professional’s Role

Presenters: Karen Webber, Angel Calderon, Gerald McLaughlin, Charles Mathies, John Taylor

NEAIR Best Presentation: Integrative Learning: Helping Students Make the Connect...

Presenter: Thomas McGuinness

Facilitator: Melanie Jenkins

PNAIRP Best Presentation: Exposing Basic Institutional Stats Using Interactive T...

Presenter: Nevena Lalic

Facilitator: Amy Aupperlee

Student Leadership Development Programs for Underrepresented Populations

Presenter: Barry Nagle


Presenters: Laura Knoll, AIR Member

U.S. News Education Rankings: Review of Last Year and the Upcoming Rankings

Presenters: Robert Morse, Diane Tolis

Facilitator: Sally Frazee

Using Analytics to Minimize Student Course Withdrawals

Presenter: Greg Michalski

Facilitator: Laura Fingerson

Using Labor Market Data to Review and Strengthen Curricular Offerings

Presenter: Ryan Johnson

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

Wednesday, 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM Concurrent Sessions (19 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Pathways to Persistence: From IR to Intervention Strategies that ...

Presenters: Marguerite Weber, Catherine Andersen

Facilitator: Douglas Nutter

(DIGITAL PASS) We’re Number 80?! Placing Rankings in Context for Leadership

Presenters: Jessica Sharkness, Dawn Geronimo Terkla

Facilitator: David Vintinner

(Sponsored Session) A Better Data Culture: How to Have a Clear Path from Questio...

Presenter: Scott Flory

Balanced Scorecard + Change Management = Kaizen!

Presenter: Anne Candreva

Facilitator: Denise Dallmann

Best Practices in Sharing Information to Engage the College Community

Presenters: Donald Femino, Peter Hart

Beyond Earnings: High-Impact Experiences and Post-Graduation Outcomes

Presenters: Lesley Lydell, Laura Gorny

Canonical Correlation Analysis to Examine Student Engagement and Learning

Presenters: John Zilvinskis, Anthony Masseria, Gary Pike

Facilitator: Gerard Dizinno

Does College and Career Readiness Translate to STEM Readiness?

Presenters: Krista Mattern, Justine Radunzel, Paul Westrick

Graduation Rates: What Do They Mean? How are They Determined? Is One Best?

Presenters: Robert Loveridge, Geoff Matthews

Herding Cats: Lessons for New Professionals Navigating Accreditation

Presenters: Sarah Luczyk, Joshua Schutts

Facilitator: Sheila Craft-Morgan

Identifying a Proxy for Student Engagement

Presenters: Colin MacFarlane, Resche Hines

Facilitator: Ebenezer Kolajo

MdAIR Best Presentation: iDashboards: Displaying Effective and Interactive Data ...

Presenter: Jacob Ashby

Facilitator: Ozlem Kacira

Open-Ended Questions: A Tool to Better Understand Institutional Perceptions

Presenters: Jana Hanson, Elizabeth Jach

PacAIR Best Presentation: Easy Breezy Data Write-Ups

Presenter: Jean Pezzoli

Facilitator: Patricia Henry

Preview of a Statement of Aspirational Practice for Institutional Research

Presenters: Gina Johnson, Leah Ross, Tim Stanley, Randy Swing

Facilitator: Robert Maddox

Recycle Your Reports to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

Presenter: Omer Minhas

Facilitator: Phuong Huynh

Scholarly Activity Benchmarks for Planning and Budgeting

Presenters: Mark Winter, Matthew Cooper

Student Veteran Success and Measurement

Presenter: Phillip Morris

The Connection between National Unemployment Rates and College Enrollments

Presenter: Diana Barbu

Facilitator: Darrell Tyler

Wednesday, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Panel Sessions (6 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Degree Qualifications Profile, Tuning, and IR:...

Presenters: George Kuh, Natasha Jankowski, Robert Sweatman, Sandra Fulton, Annette Tommerdahl

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

(DIGITAL PASS) Navigating the IR-IT Relationship to Build Business Intelligence

Presenters: Elizabeth Barlow, Susan Moreno, Jenna Allen

Facilitator: Lisa Martin

Bringing Credibility to Data: Data Governance and Institutional Research

Presenters: Kathryn Schmidtke Felts, Ryan Cherland, Christina Drum, William Knight, Kathryn Flack Potts

Facilitator: Tara Smith

IE's Role in Improving the First Year: Perspectives from Three Institutions

Presenters: Donald Rudawsky, Brent Drake

Facilitator: Waddell Herron

Then, Now, and Implications for Institutional Research

Presenters: James Firnberg, Stanley Ikenberry, James Montgomery, Joe Saupe, Gary Rice

Facilitator: Jean Constable

What Every IR/IE Rookie Should Know: Class of 2015

Presenters: Gordon Mills, Angel Jowers, Crissie Grove Jameson

Facilitator: Nasreen Ahmad

Wednesday, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break and Networking (1 Session)Top  

Lunch Break and Networking (Wednesday)

Wednesday, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM Poster Presentations (41 Sessions)Top  

(Canceled) Best Practices in Holistically Monitoring Institutional Effectiveness...

Presenters: Tahira Hoke, Connie Mitchell

(Canceled) Missing the Trees for the Forest: The Role of Program-Level Data (Can...

Presenter: Russell Cannon

A Formative Evaluation of Student Progression

Presenter: Bryce Pride

A Retention Study on Spring Starters in Indiana University Campuses

Presenter: Xiqian Liu

Active Learning in STEM: Assessment of Student Learning and Pedagogy

Presenters: Casey Shapiro, Michael Soh, Hilary Zimmerman

Applying a Value-Added Model to a Midwestern State’s Community Colleges

Presenter: James Atkinson

Attitudes, Institutional Context, and Achievement: An Exploratory Analysis

Presenter: Edward Acquah

Break or Bridge? Options for Bridging Multi-Race/Ethnicity Data

Presenter: Ellen Sawtell

Breaking the Rules: Using OLS Regression to Model Complex Data

Presenter: Kimberly Fath

Bridging Faculty Members' Expectations and Students’ Actual Studying Hours

Presenter: Tomoya Hashimoto

California’s Transfer Degrees: For Whom and For Where?

Presenters: Atsuko Nonoyama, Alice Van Ommeren

Climate Perceptions of Community College Staff and Faculty

Presenters: Alessandra Dinin, Katherine Ratterree

College Super Seniors and Their Degree Completion

Presenter: Lina Lu

Decisions, Decisions: How College Choice Affects the Transition to College

Presenter: Ellen Stolzenberg

Designing Questionnaires to Achieve a Comprehensive Assessment

Presenter: Rebecca Henderson

Determined to Succeed: Academic Resiliency in First-Year Students

Presenters: Matthew Venaas, Annette Miller

Examining the Impact of an Alternative Grading Program on Student Retention

Presenters: Heather Novak, Christina Paguyo

Exploring Mathematics Course-Taking Patterns via Data Mining Path Analysis

Presenters: Siew Ang, Julie Stewart, Tara O'Neill

Exploring the Labor Market Outcomes in the California Community Colleges

Presenter: Ryan Fuller

Factbook Makeover: Revising our Outdated Facts and Figures

Presenters: Allison Walters, Di Chen

Going Experiential! Defining and Analyzing Experiential Learning Data

Presenters: David Tushin, Rodney Reynolds, Melinda Medlen, Andrea Cruz, Matthew Guerrero

Hitting the Numbers: How SLDS Data Can Inform Undergraduate Recruitment

Presenters: Laura Zemp, Rachel Ruiz

How Often is Often? Testing the Meaning of Vague Quantifiers Among Faculty

Presenters: Amber Dumford, Thomas Nelson Laird

Impact of Attending Learning Communities on Student First-Year Success

Presenters: Rita Xiaoyan Liu, Kevork Horissian

Implications of Institutional Debt-Burden for Higher Education’s Future

Presenters: Gabriel Serna, Joshua Cohen

Institutional Research Graduate Certificate Program at Penn State University

Presenter: Mark Umbricht

Online Certificate in IR at Florida State University

Presenter: Samantha Nix

Online Graduate Certificate in IR at Humboldt State University

Presenter: Jacqueline Honda

Predictability of Students’ Plans to Participate in Undergraduate Research

Presenters: John Zilvinskis, Amy Ribera

Predicting Your Enrollments Using Excel

Presenter: Matthew Rysavy

Promoting URM Student Persistence in STEM through Dynamic Assessment

Presenters: Hannah Whang Sayson, Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, Brit Toven-Lindsey

Soup to Data: A Transformation of Data Integrity at Campbell University

Presenter: Maren Hess

Stop-Outs: How Grit Differentially Influences Persistence

Presenter: Katherine Rote

Tell Me More: Focus Groups as an Institutional Research Tool

Presenter: Angela Ward

The Mediator of Student-Faculty Interaction and Learning Outcomes

Presenters: Lanlan Mu, Amy Ribera, Xiaolin Wang

The Student Achievement Measure (SAM): More Outcomes for More Students

Presenters: Teri Hinds, Christine Keller

The Student Variables Affecting Graduation and Student Debt

Presenter: Jihye Kwon

Unable to Retain Students? Blame the Faculty…Status

Presenter: Shaun Cowman

University Governing Boards in Canada: Evaluation of an Orientation Session

Presenter: Christian Noumi

Using Data-Driven Decision Making to Pilot Peer Instruction

Presenter: Kevin Miller

Using SAS Functions to Make Date Variables in Various Formats Calculable

Presenter: Robert Zhang

Wednesday, 11:45 AM - 12:46 PM Auxiliary Meetings (3 Sessions)Top  

Ball State University IR Certificate Alumni and Friends

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Luncheon- RSVP Required

Project Innovation Cultivation (InnC)

Wednesday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Concurrent Sessions (24 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Data Science Tools and Methods for Institution...

Presenters: James Kulich, Yanli Ma

Facilitator: Amber Dumford

(DIGITAL PASS) Common Good Curriculum: Data-Driven Course Budgeting at UC Berkeley

Presenters: Jenna Allen, Amber Machamer

Facilitator: Cordell Riley

(DIGITAL PASS) OCAIR Best Presentation: Using Mediation and Moderation Modeling ...

Presenters: Kang Bai, Ying Zhou

Facilitator: Chih Ming (Ryan) Chung

(DIGITAL PASS) Supporting Transfer Students who Arrive with College Loan Debt

Presenters: Karyn Rabourn, Victor Borden

Facilitator: Mark Byrd

(Sponsored Session) Assessment for Excellence: How Blue® Course Evaluations and ...

Presenters: Francois Beneteau, Miltiadis Vadrahanis

(Sponsored Session) Data Analysis, Methods to Turn Insights into Student Success...

Presenters: David Kil, Kurt Ewen, Rob Robinson

Alignment of IR Work Tasks with Terenzini's Tiers of Intelligence

Presenter: Karen Webber

An Applied Data Analytics Cognate Developed at the Associate Degree Level

Presenters: Jere Turner, Hui-Ling Chen

CUNY IR Council Best Presentation: The Common Data Set: A Perspective from a Dat...

Presenters: Tammie Cumming, Robert Morse, Kimberly Johnson

Facilitator: Monica Varner

Detecting Effect Size Trends Among Graduation and Retention Rates

Presenter: Conor Roycroft

Facilitator: Joseph Curtin

Discuss Faculty Credentialing Options and Best Practices

Presenters: Melissa Welborn, Elaina Cantrell Robinson

Guess Who’s Coming to College: Dynamic Projections of Beginner Enrollment

Presenters: Douglas Anderson, Bridgett Milner

Facilitator: Terri Day

Guiding Student Advisors with a Decision-Tree Model

Presenter: Ning Wang

Facilitator: Peter Nwakeze

How to Dynamically Redact Data on Public Dashboards—Policies and Practice

Presenter: Nevena Lalic

Facilitator: Shoshannah Cohen

IPEDS Update

Presenter: Richard Reeves

Facilitator: Tara Smith

Maximum Spreadsheet II: Workbook Recipes from IR Experts

Presenters: William Greenland, Bethany Butson, Leonard Goldfine, Luzat Khandkar

Facilitator: Metta Alsobrook

Predicting Attrition and Transfer-Out of Beginning Freshmen and Transfers

Presenters: Paul Bachler, John Choonoo, Cynthia Wach

Facilitator: Elisa Hertz

Predicting Attrition of First-Time Freshmen After the First Term

Presenters: Karen Raymond, Charles Couch, Matthew Goetzel, Susan Keenan

Facilitator: Dana Eggleston

Preparing the Underprepared: Contextualized Math Teaching

Presenter: Yan Wang

RMAIR Best Presentation: Do Student Loans Help or Hurt?

Presenter: Serge Herzog

Facilitator: Waddell Herron

Sense of Belonging and its Association with the Freshman Experience

Presenters: Zhicheng Zhang, Nicole Long

Supporting Assessment: From Intended Learning Outcomes to Evaluation

Presenter: Christopher McCullough

Where Do For-Profit Students Go When Colleges Lose Federal Aid?

Presenter: Lesley Turner

Working with UI Wage Data: Challenges and Triumphs

Presenter: Jessica Shedd

Facilitator: Christy England Siegerdt

Wednesday, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Concurrent Sessions (24 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Using Data Visualization Software to Enhance D...

Presenters: Marne Einarson, Marin Clarkberg

Facilitator: Craig This

(DIGITAL PASS) How Living Costs Undermine Net Price as an Affordability Metric

Presenter: Braden Hosch

Facilitator: Lisa Martin

(DIGITAL PASS) Peer Institution Selection Using IPEDS Data and Cluster Analysis ...

Presenter: James Cross

Facilitator: Nathan Rush

(DIGITAL PASS) Valuing 'Administrative Bloat': Benchmark Personnel Levels with I...

Presenters: T. Hank Robinson, Jenny Liu, Rita Sterkel

Facilitator: Donald Rudawsky

(Sponsored Session) Course Evaluations Simplified: The Largest U.S. Public Unive...

Presenters: Denise Nadasen, Peter Pravikoff

(Sponsored Session) Data Informed Decisions for the Modern IR Shop

Presenters: Robert Springer, Tom Bohannon

(Sponsored Session) Engaging Faculty and Staff in the Use of Assessment Data Acr...

Presenters: Colleen Arrey, Andrea Brown, Helen Schneider, Mary Jo Geise

Adrift or Anchored—Rising Tide of Dual Mission Institutions

Presenters: Tim Stanley, Linda Makin

Facilitator: Sheri Barrett

AIR Annual Business Meeting

Presenters: Gayle Fink, Gary Pike, Sandra Bramblett, C. Ellen Peters, Heather Kelly, Deborah Dailey, Martha Gray, Michelle Hall, Dawn Kenney, Mauricio Saavedra, Meihua Zhai, Alice Simpkins, Glenn James, Clifford Adelman, Kara Larkan-Skinner, Jessica Shedd

AIRUM Best Presentation: Minnesota's Postsecondary Achievement Gap

Presenters: Meredith Fergus, Maren Henderson

Facilitator: Ahebe Ninon

An Event History Model of Undergraduate Student Dropout

Presenters: Danielle Fearon, A Alexander Beaujean

Facilitator: Eric Atchison

Choosing a College is Hard. Does College Scorecard Information Help?

Presenter: Helen Kilber

Facilitator: Jason Sullivan

Does Taking Developmental Courses Improve Two-Year College Student Success?

Presenter: Julie Noble

Facilitator: Rebecca Hill

Ellucian/Banner System for IR, Data Management, and Reporting

Presenter: Lisa Muller

Engaging Campus Constituents in Effective and Efficient Assessment

Presenter: Kathryn Doherty

Gender Disparity in Time to Post-Tenure Promotion and the Impact of Service

Presenter: Jin Chen

Facilitator: Sandy Vue

House Divided? STEM and Non-STEM On-Campus Student Retention Factors

Presenters: Ann Gansemer-Topf, Aurelia Kollasch, Jie Sun

Facilitator: Susan Perry

Implementing a BI Project: The Cohabitation of IR Core Competencies

Presenters: Michele Hansen, Steven Graunke, Janice Childress, Norma Fewell

Facilitator: Barbara Dobbs

Institutional Policymaking: An Emerging Role for IR?

Presenters: Christopher Hourigan, Kathryn Yerkes

Longitudinal Data Systems: State of the States

Presenters: John Armstrong, Hans L'Orange

Facilitator: Joseph Curtin

Online Course Evaluations

Presenter: Kimberly Brantley

Shared Services for Institutional Research

Presenters: Cathy Fulkerson, Leah Ross

Social Capital, Resources, and Performance: Evidence from Taiwan

Presenters: Shihuei Ho, Yao-Ping Peng

Facilitator: Matseliso Molapo

Sticking to the Plan: The Consistency Between Intended and Declared Majors

Presenters: Ty Cruce, Krista Mattern

Facilitator: Ernest Abrogar

Wednesday, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Concurrent Sessions (20 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Facilitating a Culture of Measurement via a Ca...

Presenter: Gina Johnson

Facilitator: Andrew McClurg

(DIGITAL PASS) An Alternative Approach: Using Survey Panels to Inform Assessment

Presenters: Shimon Sarraf, Sarah Hurtado, Mark Houlemarde, Xiaolin Wang

Facilitator: Gebre Tesfagiorgis

(DIGITAL PASS) Into the Black Hole: Analyzing Missing Data

Presenter: Linda Mallory

Facilitator: Terri Day

(DIGITAL PASS) Using Panel Data to Identify the Effects of Expenditures on Gradu...

Presenters: Gary Pike, Kirsten Robbins

Facilitator: Justin Shepherd

(Sponsored Session) Assessment is a Process...Not Just a Thing

Presenter: Ross Markle

(Sponsored Session) Geo-Locating Your Admissions: Geo-Spatial Association Rules ...

Presenter: John Norton

(Sponsored Session) Increasing Retention and Graduation Rates

Presenter: Lawrence Piegza

(Sponsored Session) The 24/7 Student: Success Analytics for Operational Excellence

Presenters: Andy Clark, Joseph Burkhart

Barriers in Returning to Learning: Engagement and Support of Adult Learners

Presenters: Thomas Shoup, Allison BrckaLorenz, Karyn Rabourn

Facilitator: Sui Cheung

Earning the Collaboration and Spreading the Knowledge among Colleagues

Presenter: Yan Wang

Emerging Role of IR in Japan: On National Survey with Comparative Views

Presenters: Reiko Yamada, Shigeru Asano, Kobayashi Masayuki, Rie Mori

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

Exploring Institutional Cohort Loan Default Rates

Presenter: Terry Ishitani

Facilitator: Christopher Cullander

Frankendata: Stitching together Faculty and Student Experience Surveys

Presenters: Leonard Goldfine, Krista Soria, Sungtae Jang

Facilitator: Lynsey Schwabrow

IE Assessment Web Application: Characteristics and Benefits

Presenters: Divya Bhati, Patrice Lancey, Carlos Martinez

Facilitator: Felix Wao

Learning Gains vs. Proficiency: Operationalizing Institutional Effectiveness

Presenters: Michael Wrona, Cinnamon Danube

Managing Survey Fatigue: IR as the Gatekeeper for Administering Surveys?

Presenters: Elizabeth Jach, Jana Hanson

MidAIR Best Presentation: Engaging Everyone with Poll Everywhere

Presenter: Matthew Simpson

Facilitator: Kyle Lovseth

The Texas B-On-Time Loan Program and Its Impact on Minority Students

Presenter: Anna Drake

Facilitator: Peace Bransberger

Using Multi-Level Modeling to Examine First-Year Students’ Civic Engagement

Presenter: Jennifer Berdan Lozano

Using Qualtrics in an Institutional Research Office

Presenter: Jamil Ibrahim

Wednesday, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Panel Sessions (5 Sessions)Top  

Big Data and How it will Impact IR, Assessment, and Institutional Analytics

Presenters: Eric Yang, Meihua Zhai, Ying Zhou

Facilitator: Allan Joseph Medwick

Ch-ch-Changes: Community College Baccalaureate Developments in Florida, Illinois...

Presenters: Scott Parke, Gabriela Borcoman, Nathan Wilson

Facilitator: Geoff Matthews

Fundamentals and Best Practices for reporting Common Data SET (CDS) Data

Presenters: Stanley Bernstein, Robert Morse, Stephen Sauermelch, Cathy Lebo

Facilitator: Christian Noumi

Getting to Use: What Stimulates and Impedes Use of Student Engagement Results?

Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, Danny Olsen, Alexander McCormick, Charles Blaich, Kathleen Wise

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

Scholarly Writing: Advice from Editors

Presenters: Sharron Ronco, John Ryan, Gloria Crisp, Libby Morris, Robert Toutkoushian

Facilitator: David Mongold

Wednesday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Welcome Reception Hosted by AIR Board of Directors (1 Session)Top  

Welcome Reception Hosted by AIR Board of Directors

Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Affiliated Organization Meetings (9 Sessions)Top  

Association for Institutional Research in the Upper Midwest (AIRUM)

Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative (CHERC)

Mid-America Association for Institutional Research (MidAIR)

North East Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR)

Overseas Chinese Association for Institutional Research (OCAIR)

Pacific Association for Institutional Research (PacAIR)

Pacific North West Association for Institutional Research and Planning (PNAIRP)

Rocky Mountain Association for Institutional Research (RMAIR)

Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR)

Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 6:01 PM Auxiliary Meetings (7 Sessions)Top  

AAU Data Exchange

Association of Independent Technological Universities

Colonial Group

Georgia Independent College Association

Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium

National Community College Benchmark Project

Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Client Community

Wednesday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Affiliated Orgnaization Dinner Groups (2 Sessions)Top  

Pacific North West Association for Institutional Research and Planning (PNAIRP) ...

VAMAP Dinner Group


Thursday, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Auxiliary Meetings (1 Session)Top  

Campus Planning for the Redesigned SAT®

Thursday, 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM Concurrent Sessions (25 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Post-Collegiate Outcomes: Identifying Who, Wha...

Presenters: Teri Hinds, Christine Keller, Kent Phillippe

Facilitator: Lesley Lydell

(DIGITAL PASS) Does Use of Survey Incentives Degrade Data Quality?

Presenters: James Cole, Shimon Sarraf, Xiaolin Wang

Facilitator: Kathleen Chaballa

(DIGITAL PASS) Engaging Faculty in Assessment of Student Learning: What Works?

Presenter: Karen Froslid Jones

Facilitator: Sharron Ronco

(DIGITAL PASS) Simplicity of Interpretation: Comparing Regression and Tree-Based...

Presenter: Mark Umbricht

Facilitator: David Vintinner

(Sponsored Session) An Insightful Overview of CIRP Surveys: Benefits for Institu...

Presenters: Abigail Bates, Dominique Harrison, Maria Suchard, Ellen Stolzenberg

(Sponsored Session) Establishing a Data Driven Culture

Presenter: Denise Raney

(Sponsored Session) Predictive Modeling for Enrollment and Retention – Real Worl...

Presenter: Michael Johnson

(Sponsored Session) Tools to Measure Research Impact and Facilitate Faculty Acti...

Presenter: Joey Figueroa

“CAT-Scan” Graphs to Dissect ALL Student Outcomes Over ALL Periods of Time

Presenters: Jeffrey Cornett, Stephen Hancock

Facilitator: Natasha Miller

An Integrated Approach to Institutional Effectiveness

Presenters: Brian Bartolini, William Knight

Building a Cohesive Graduate Employment Reporting Method

Presenter: Christine Plepys

Facilitator: Nasreen Ahmad

CAIR Best Presentation: Using Propensity Score Matching to Facilitate Discussion...

Presenters: Andrew Fuenmayor, John Hetts

Facilitator: Waddell Herron

How to Write Effective Outcomes and Teach Others to do the Same

Presenters: Shari Ellertson, Ann Gansemer-Topf

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

IAIR Best Presentation: Evaluation of a New Model of Retention in a Commuter-Stu...

Presenter: Hoa Khuong

Facilitator: Delilah Perez

NSSE Deep Learning/Engagement Items as Predictors of Retention and Graduation

Presenters: Robert Loveridge, Sara Chapman, Laura Jimenez-Snelson

Facilitator: Steven Graunke

Organizational Effectiveness and Student Success Work to Increase Retention

Presenters: Daniel Matthews, Jim DePaepe, Elizabeth Lee, Sarah Swager

Facilitator: Donna Sohan

Planning and Implementing a 360 Degree View of Student Learning Outcomes

Presenter: Susan Seymour

SAIR Best Presentation: The Relationship Between Institutional Characteristics a...

Presenter: Marcos Velazquez

seekUT Undergrad, Grad, and Professional Student Tool on Debt and Work Outcomes

Presenters: Stephanie Bond Huie, David Troutman

Facilitator: Christy England Siegerdt

Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Data-Driven Decisions and Effectiveness

Presenter: Colin MacFarlane

The Importance of Data Visualization in IR

Presenters: Patrick Roberts, Mary Poe

The WSCUC Undergraduate Student Success and Graduation Rate Dashboard

Presenters: Henry Hernandez, Christopher Cullander

Tracking Graduate School Attainment Rates

Presenters: Laura Sturgill, Christine Mahan, Jason DeWitt

Facilitator: Allison Walters

Understanding Multiple Developmental Education Pathways for Underrepresented Stu...

Presenter: Drew Allen

Facilitator: Monica Varner

What Works and What Doesn’t in Common Data Set Financial Aid Reporting

Presenters: Anne Sturtevant, Cathy Lebo, Mary Sapp, Diane Cheng

Thursday, 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM Exhibit Hall and AIR Networking Hub Top  

Thursday, 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM Concurrent Sessions (24 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Using Tableau Mapping Features to Build a Vari...

Presenters: Mark Leany, Tim Stanley

Facilitator: Ebenezer Kolajo

(DIGITAL PASS) College Readiness, Interests, and Long-Term College Success for S...

Presenters: Justine Radunzel, Krista Mattern, Paul Westrick

Facilitator: Heather Kelly

(DIGITAL PASS) Designing and Managing Custom Built Web Applications for IR

Presenters: Danielle Taylor, Jamie Taylor

Facilitator: Rajiv Malhotra

(DIGITAL PASS) Linking Planning, Budget, Decision-Making, and Resource Allocation

Presenter: Kathryn Doherty

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

(Sponsored Session) College and University StudentTracker Reporting

Presenters: Sue Ledwell, Jason DeWitt

(Sponsored Session) Making Outcomes Assessment Easier for Faculty and IR

Presenter: Martin Bradley

(Sponsored Session)The Updated NSSE: Exchanging Ideas and Examples of Data Use

Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, Robert Gonyea

A NEW Student Survey Development in China and its Use for Decision Support

Presenters: Shuguang Wei, Min Chen, Junchao Zhang, Hongde Lei

Facilitator: Shihuei Ho

Choice of Academic Major: The Role of Gender and Self-Efficacy

Presenters: Iryna Johnson, William Muse

Facilitator: Edward Acquah

Comparison of Excel Add-Ins: Tools for Institutional Researchers

Presenter: Barry Nagle

Facilitator: Jennifer Dunseath

Does College Student Time Allocation Affect Academic Engagement?

Presenters: Osundwa Wanjera, Alton Rucker

Facilitator: Gary Pike

From Data to Dashboard: It Takes More Than Graphs for Data Visualization

Presenters: Meihua Zhai, Shweta Doshi, Julie Davis

Facilitator: Timothy Chow

GAIRPAQ Best Presentation: An Introduction to the “Art and Science” of Adaptive ...

Presenter: Denise Young

Facilitator: Leslie Odom

Getting a High-Stakes Alumni Survey Off the Ground

Presenters: Katia Miller, Jessica Sharkness

Increasing Response Rates in Institution-Wide Surveys: A SERU Case Study

Presenters: Mark Miazga, Jessica Schuett

One-Person IR Offices: The Role of Project and Relationship Management

Presenters: Vennessa Walker, Christopher Sheffield

Something to Talk About: Getting Your Campus Excited to Discuss Data

Presenters: Bridget Yuhas, Allison BrckaLorenz

Facilitator: Kevin Guidry

Storing and Reporting Different Surveys with Overlapping Questions

Presenter: Taylor Lovell

Supporting Randomized Trials from an IR Office: Evaluating Nudges

Presenter: Russell Cannon

Talking ‘Bout My Generation: Defining ‘First-Generation Students’ in Higher Educ...

Presenters: Robert Toutkoushian, Rob Stollberg

Facilitator: Shabnam Mehra

The Total KPI Experience: Turning Vision into Goals into Downstream Actions

Presenters: Steve McMasters, William Nunez

Facilitator: Gebre Tesfagiorgis

Transforming Undergraduate Science Education: Implementation and Assessment

Presenters: Kevin Eagan, Jason Chan, Daniel Martinez

Facilitator: Felix Wao

Trends in Fields of Study in the Survey of Graduate Students and Postdocs

Presenters: Patricia Green, Kelly Kang, Peter Einaudi

Facilitator: Renee Orlick

Wrangling Data: Automation Processes to Help Take the Data by the Horns

Presenters: Nabegh Al-Thalji, Jeanine Romano, Theodore Kruse

Thursday, 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM Concurrent Sessions (19 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Triangulating Student Success: NSC, IPEDS, and...

Presenters: Henry Hernandez, Maureen Maloney, Christopher Cullander

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

(DIGITAL PASS) Noncognitive Assessment: Data to Information, Information to Action

Presenters: Ross Markle, Heather Mechler, Renee Delgado-Riley

Facilitator: Sarah Forbes

(DIGITAL PASS) The Emerging Future of Institutional Research in an Analytical Wo...

Presenters: Thulasi Kumar, Sivakumar Jaganathan

Facilitator: David Vintinner

(Sponsored Session) Self-Service Dashboards for the Business User Community

Presenter: Jon Salmon

(Sponsored Session) Skyfactor: Critical Insights that Help Drive Student and Cam...

Presenters: Sherry Woosley, Matthew Venaas

(Sponsored Session) U.S. News Academic Insights - Demonstration of the Platform ...

Presenter: Evan Jones

Assessment of a Critical Inquiry and Writing Intensive Quality Enhancement Project

Presenters: Hui-Min Wen, Michelle Barton, Preston Bennett

College Ratings, Berlin Principles, and College Transparency

Presenters: Gerald McLaughlin, Josetta McLaughlin, Jacqueline McLaughlin

Defining Online Education: Driving Innovation with Better Data

Presenters: Sharon Wavle, Barbara Bichelmeyer

Exploring Remediation and Social Mobility

Presenter: Paul Umbach

Facilitator: Charles Mathies

Going Global: Understanding the State of IR Around the Globe

Presenter: Stefan Buettner

Limitations of Using Admissions Data to Predict Student Outcomes

Presenters: Diana Sesate, Jeffrey Milem, W. Patrick Bryan, Kadian McIntosh

Facilitator: Michelle Kiec

Preview of the National Survey of Institutional Research Offices

Presenters: Christopher Coogan, Darlena Jones, Leah Ross

Facilitator: Christopher Pena

Redesigning the Dashboard: Moving from Reporting to Assessing

Presenter: Jeremy Goodman

Facilitator: Dale Amburgey

TAIR Best Presentation: Development of Qualitative Research Team: Expanding the ...

Presenter: Paul Illich

Taking Program Review to the Next Level: Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness

Presenters: Jacob Williams, Ryan Johnson

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

The Challenges of Strategic Planning and Enrollment Management

Presenter: J. Fredericks Volkwein

University work culture, Decision-making, Communication, Leadership Skills

Presenter: Afolakemi Oredein

Use What You’ve Got: Managing Data Demands through Multi-Purposing

Presenters: Kristina Powers, Rebecca Wood, Nijah Bryant, Byron Walton

Facilitator: Crissie Grove Jameson

Thursday, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Panel Sessions (5 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) International Rankings and Institutional Research

Presenters: Yang Zhang, Ying Cheng, Baerbel Eckelmann, Diana Bitting, Tom Andrews, Frans Van Vught

Facilitator: Christian Noumi

15 to Finish: The Impact of Higher Credit Loads on Student Success

Presenters: David Mongold, Donald Rudawsky, Linda Ferguson

Facilitator: Debra Hagen-Foley

Diverse Approaches to Using Alumni Survey Data

Presenters: Kirsten Skillrud, Jon Christy, Gina Johnson, Michele Dunbar, Nikole Hotchkiss

Facilitator: Jamil Ibrahim

Engaging Our Campuses in Using Data: Successes and Lessons Learned

Presenters: Wayne Jacobson, Matthew Anson, Ronald Huesman, Gale Stuart, Lois Myers

Facilitator: Andrew McClurg

Growing the IR footprint in an Age of Scarce Resources

Presenters: Polly Prewitt-Freilino, Gregory Rogers, Nathan Rush, Jennifer Dunseath, William Knight

Facilitator: Lynsey Schwabrow

Thursday, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break and Networking (1 Session)Top  

Lunch Break and Networking (Thursday)

Thursday, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM Poster Presentations (42 Sessions)Top  

A Look Within: STEM Faculty Emphasizing Deep Approaches to Learning

Presenters: Amy Ribera, Amber Dumford, Thomas Nelson Laird

Analysis on Setting up Online Course Fees: Techniques, Factors, and Outcomes

Presenter: Eric Yang

Analyzing Post-Enrollment Studies to Better the Undergraduate Experience

Presenters: Resche Hines, Patti Sanders, Eryn McCoy

Balancing Dual Roles: The community college bachelor's institution

Presenters: Shannen Robson, Andrea Brown, Rachel Ruiz

College Portraits at a Glance: A New Tool for Evidence Based Storytelling

Presenters: Teri Hinds, Christine Keller

Correcting for Survey Nonresponse Using the Admitted Students Questionnaire

Presenter: Samantha Estrada

Critical Courses among Computer Technology Students

Presenters: Carmel Joseph, Yi Zhang

Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Faculty Assessment: 360-Degree Overkill?

Presenters: Linnea Stafford, Valerie Samuel, Judy Rittman, Thomas Stafford

Employment Status of Undergraduates at the Time They Graduate

Presenter: Lanlan Mu

Engaging Faculty in Professional Development Through Data Use

Presenter: Shuqi Wu

Engineering Students’ Post-College Pathways and Careers

Presenters: Bryce Hughes, Robert Paul, Kevin Eagan

Enhance Student Success: Curriculum Decisions Using Predictive Analytics

Presenter: Jennifer Schneider

Establishing a Culture of Assessment on a College Campus

Presenter: George Vineyard

Estimating Outcome Attainment: Meta-Analysis at a Large Community College

Presenters: Wayne Hooke, Michele Marden

Evolution from Excel Pivot Tables to Uploading SAS-Generated Files for IPEDS

Presenters: Robert June, Alexandra Riley

Expanding the Scope of your IR Services with GIS

Presenter: James Atkinson

Factors Associated with Retention of International Undergraduate Students

Presenter: Teruo Yokoyama

Faculty Retention and Departure at the University of Texas System

Presenter: Jessica Shedd

From Model to Practice: Key Initiatives of an Internationalization Plan

Presenter: Ren Liu

High Achievement but Low Completion of Nontraditional Age Students

Presenter: Hyekyung Lee

How Optional Testing Works: Results from a National Study

Presenter: William Hiss

Integrating Predictive Modeling to Better Inform Enrollment Managers

Presenter: Meagan Senesac

International Student Recruitment at Regional Colleges and Universities

Presenters: Yanli Ma, James Kulich

Item Nonresponse Bias on the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

Presenters: Yi-Chen Chiang, Allison BrckaLorenz

Latino STEM Student Participation in Undergraduate Research

Presenters: John Zilvinskis, Rong Wang, Amber Dumford

Mating Course Schedules to Predicted Enrollment in a Music Program

Presenter: Michelle Kiec

Mission-Focused Evaluation and Ranking of HBCUs

Presenter: Joel Cummings

More Money More Problems: Impact of Financial Concern on College Adjustment

Presenter: Abigail Bates

Optimizing Fact Book Information to Entice Prospective and Existing Donors

Presenter: Bob Adebayo

Overcoming Low Response Rates for Online Course Evaluations

Presenter: Phuong Huynh

Strategies for Examining the Validity of Local Assessment Instruments

Presenters: Hui-Ling Chen, Jere Turner

The Effect of Local Population Change on College Enrollment

Presenter: Victor Sensenig

The Operation of a Two-Person IR Office at a Small Liberal Arts College

Presenter: Minghui Wang

The Power and Perils of Homegrown: Helping Your Campus Write Good Questions

Presenters: Annette Miller, Sherry Woosley

The River – A Different but Simple Definition of What IR is All About

Presenter: Stefan Buettner

Understanding Your Troops: Your Military Students May Not Be Who You Think

Presenters: Matthew Venaas, Sherry Woosley

University Lag for Industry Expectations re: Graduate Females in STEM

Presenter: Austin Ryland

Using Google Analytics to Assess IR Website Effectiveness

Presenter: Michael Le

Using Longitudinal Assessment to Scaffold the Curriculum

Presenters: Joseph Sullivan, Daniel Monek

Using Survey Data as Learning Tools: A Case of the Cross-National Program

Presenters: Takashi Kawanabe, Tomoko Torii

Utilizing Trend and Subgroup Analyses to Assess a Student Success Program

Presenter: Yiting Chang

Visually Tracking Momentum for Sub-Cohorts of Community College Students

Presenters: Bettina Hansel, Rebecca Hill

Thursday, 11:45 AM - 12:46 PM Auxiliary Meetings (4 Sessions)Top  

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Intercollegiate Athletics

U.S. News & World Report

University Innovation Alliance

Thursday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Concurrent Sessions (23 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Assessing a Campus-Wide Early Alert Intervention

Presenter: Elisabeth Lackner

Facilitator: Natalie Solverson

(DIGITAL PASS) Black STEM Aspirants: Predicting Participation in the Opportunity...

Presenters: Tanya Figueroa, Ashlee Wilkins, Sylvia Hurtado

Facilitator: Bryce Hughes

(DIGITAL PASS) Completing University Math Requirements: What Adds Up?

Presenters: Charles Steimel, Laura Zemp

Facilitator: Erin Voss

(DIGITAL PASS) Data Science in Institutional Research: Methods, Tools, and Appli...

Presenter: Sophia Huang

Facilitator: Gordon Mills

(Sponsored Session) Mobile Devices as a Replacement for Paper: A Progress Report

Presenters: Juliana Lancaster, Brad Zentner

(Sponsored Session) Public Data in Context

Presenters: Chris Lintner, Dan Quigg

(Sponsored Session) The Accidental Strategist: Balancing Simplicity with Sophist...

Presenter: Erin Bell

A Stakeholder's Approach to Organizing Assessment for Effectiveness

Presenter: Ebenezer Kolajo

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

AAIR Best Presentation: An Analysis of the Graduate Research Experience

Presenter: David Carroll

All Aboard: Assessing General Education

Presenters: Mary Jo Geise, Helen Schneider

Facilitator: Terri Day

Career Choices/Aspirations of Students at the University of South Africa

Presenter: Matseliso Molapo

Deconstructing the First-Generation Graduation Gap

Presenter: Seth Ovadia

Facilitator: Darrell Tyler

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Programs: Do They Deliver on Their Promises?

Presenters: Robert Loveridge, Mark Leany

Facilitator: Cindy Almendarez

Explore Your Institution’s NSSE Results Online

Presenter: Kevin Fosnacht

Facilitator: Cynthia Glance

Future Forward: Ensuring the Viability of IR in a Knowledge Economy

Presenters: Sandra Bramblett, Gerald McLaughlin, Richard Howard

Facilitator: Bethany Butson

High Impact Educational Practices and Selected Educational Outcomes

Presenters: William Armstrong, Heidi Carty

Facilitator: Marne Einarson

Holistic Approaches to IR: A Quick Turnaround from Raw Data to Big Decisions

Presenters: Sandip Thanki, Erika Beck, Mick Haney, Janice Le-Nguyen, Qingmin Shi

IR Competencies Developed Through Graduate Education

Presenters: J. Fredericks Volkwein, Mark Umbricht

IR-Sponsored Data Institutes: Better Use of Institutional and Survey Data

Presenters: Kimberly Fath, Rhonda Belton

Facilitator: Steven Graunke

On-Time Registration: Institutional Research Supporting Student Pathways

Presenters: George Gabriel, Meghan Oster

Facilitator: Marco Krcatovich

Recognizing Peer and Aspirant Groups: Systematical Development in the U.S. and A...

Presenters: Theodore Kruse, Nabegh Al-Thalji

The Effect of a Guaranteed Tuition Plan on Student Outcomes

Presenters: Lawrence Redlinger, Sharon Etheredge, Andrea Stigdon

Facilitator: Salma Daiban

Using OneNote and Other Sources to Consolidate Business Process Documentation

Presenter: Amanda Miller

Thursday, 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM Dessert Reception (1 Session)Top  

Dessert Break - Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thursday, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Concurrent Sessions (24 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Mining Text Data for Useful Information

Presenter: John Zilvinskis

Facilitator: Jennifer Dunseath

(DIGITAL PASS) Data Triple-Play: Linking Three Sources of Data to Understand Stu...

Presenter: Timothy Wasserman

Facilitator: Kristia Mapes

(DIGITAL PASS) Matching to Control for Bias: A Program Evaluation of Student Out...

Presenter: Justin Shepherd

Facilitator: Tricia Kujawa

(DIGITAL PASS) Visualization of Student Migration Data Using Google Charts Sanke...

Presenter: Sean Hoffman

Facilitator: Charlotte Osmolenski

(Sponsored Session) Changing the Way a Campus Consumes Info: A Story of the IR T...

Presenter: Robin Logan

(Sponsored Session) Facilitating Organizational Effectiveness Through Data-Infor...

Presenter: Jim DePaepe

15 to Finish: The Race Is On

Presenters: Margaret Dalrymple, Linda Ferguson, Bethany Butson, Christopher Maxwell

Facilitator: Douglas Anderson

Advanced Modeling Techniques for Benchmarked Data

Presenter: Tom Eleuterio

Facilitator: Hongmei Zhu

An Open Conversation with IR: Degree Qualifications Profile and Tuning

Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, Natasha Jankowski

Assessment: Transitioning from Grading the Student to Grading the Outcome

Presenters: Julie Weissman, Justin Bitner

Bolstering IR’s Reputation and Influence on Your Campus

Presenters: Robert Loveridge, Tim Stanley, Linda Makin

College Rank and College Tuition

Presenter: Chul Lee

Contextualizing Student Engagement Effect Sizes: An Empirical Analysis

Presenters: Louis Rocconi, Robert Gonyea

Facilitator: Andrew Zehner

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Mission-Driven Curriculum Mapping

Presenters: SuYeon Yoon, Karen Hoffman

Examining Differences in Survey Behaviors Based on Different Devices

Presenters: Hyun Kyoung Ro, Sarah Hailey

Facilitator: Marlene Clapp

Faculty Activity Reporting: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Stakeholders

Presenters: Elizabeth Billings, Jacqueline McLaughlin

Facilitator: Shaun Cowman

How Discrepant High School GPAs, Test Scores, and Engagement Impact Persistence

Presenters: Edgar Sanchez, Anne Edmunds

Facilitator: Michael Valiga

Improving the Institutional Alumni Survey for Reporting and Assessment

Presenter: Susan Thompson

Facilitator: Joanne Weiss

INAIR Best Presentation: To Register Early or Not To Register Early?

Presenters: Ahebe Ninon, Wendy Lin

Facilitator: Jacob Williams

Measuring and Benchmarking Campus Equity and Inclusion

Presenters: Oscar Mayorga, Kevin Eagan, Joseph Ramirez

Facilitator: Wayne Schneider

Rethinking Alumni Research: Applying a Life Course Theory Framework

Presenters: Mark Salisbury, Kimberly Dyer, Teniell Trolian, Gwendolyn Archibald

Facilitator: Chih Ming (Ryan) Chung

Strategies for Building a Better National Postsecondary Data Infrastructure

Presenters: Jamey Rorison, Mamie Voight

Facilitator: Joseph Baumann

Surviving the Revision of your Manuscript for Publication

Presenter: Sharron Ronco

The Impact of Early College Credit and “On-Time” Incentives on Success

Presenters: Todd Schmitz, Christopher Foley

Facilitator: Terri Day

Thursday, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM Concurrent Sessions (20 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) (Featured Session) Assessing the Pervasiveness of Sexual Assault ...

Presenter: Kevin Eagan

Facilitator: Jessica Sharkness

(DIGITAL PASS) Advising Services and its Relationship with Student Time Use and ...

Presenter: Osundwa Wanjera

Facilitator: Alton Rucker

(DIGITAL PASS) Profiles of Successful STEM Majors

Presenter: Paul Westrick

(Sponsored Session) Researcher Discovery Tool

Presenter: David Ramsey

A Comparison of Two Institutions' Approaches to Peer Selection

Presenters: John Stanley, Jacqueline Honda

Facilitator: Donna Silber

A Visualization Technique to Help Survive an Avalanche of Data

Presenters: Kimbrely Clark, Christine Robinson

Facilitator: Steve McMasters

Aligning Regional and Healthcare Program Accreditation: Benefits and Challenges

Presenters: Christopher Cullander, Ken Nelson

Analyzing the Full-Time Faculty Share of Teaching

Presenter: Victor Sensenig

Facilitator: Jacob Williams

Data-driven support for students on the path to college

Presenters: David Knight, Rodney Hughes

Early Identification and Intervention: Helping At-Risk Students Succeed

Presenters: Timothy Chow, Sarah Forbes

Facilitator: Marco Krcatovich

Expanding Institutional Research to Enhance Enrollment Management

Presenters: Jacqueline Gray, Micah Griffin

Gender Identity: What We Can Learn from Inclusivity

Presenters: Allison BrckaLorenz, Sarah Hurtado

Facilitator: Michelle Hall

Graduation Factors for Low-Income/High Achieving Underrepresented Students

Presenters: Barry Nagle, Jin Liu

Facilitator: Stefano Fiorini

Honors and Awards: Strategically Increasing Recognition of Faculty Work

Presenters: Vincenzo Falciano, Matthew Cooper, Ryan Cherland

Maintaining Interest and Momentum in the Assessment Process

Presenter: William Knight

Promoting Effective Decision Making Through IR Practices: Myth or Reality?

Presenter: Benita Thompson

SAAIR Best Presentation: A Brave New World: Student Surveillance in Higher Educa...

Presenter: Paul Prinsloo

Three BI Tools for Building Performance Metrics Dashboards—Applying BI in IR

Presenters: Jeff Hoyt, Zhiyuan Ma, Christopher Brewer

Facilitator: Dale Amburgey

Tracking Pathways to Student Success

Presenter: Peter Usinger

Facilitator: Helen Gallagher

Using UI Wage Data to Measure Labor Market Outcomes: A Cautionary Tale

Presenters: Philip Garcia, Matthew Case

Facilitator: Waddell Herron

Thursday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Panel Sessions (4 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) How Researcher Skillsets Relate to Higher Education Challenges of...

Presenters: Yvonne Belanger, Rachel Boon, Christopher Coogan, Kevin Stevenson

Facilitator: David Vintinner

How Community Colleges Can Leverage the VFA and its Data

Presenters: Bernadette Holloway, Kent Phillippe, Roger Mourad, Dawn Cullity, James Atkinson, Irene Semeniuk

Facilitator: Salma Daiban

Strategies for Collecting Post-Graduation Outcomes Data

Presenters: Jerold Laguilles, Mary Ann Coughlin, Heather Kelly, Martha Gray

Facilitator: Carolyn Gould

Student Borrowing in A Multiple-Campus University System

Presenters: Christy England Siegerdt, Patricia Thompson, Braden Hosch

Facilitator: Craig Abbey

Thursday, 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM Affiliated Organization Meetings (14 Sessions)Top  

Association for Institutional Research and Planning Officers (AIRPO)

California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR)

Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association (CIRPA)

Georgia Association for Institutional Research, Planning, Assessment, and Qualit...

Illinois Association of Institutional Research (IAIR)

Indiana Association for Institutional Research (INAIR)

Maryland Association for Institutional Research (MdAIR)

Michigan Association for Institutional Research (MI/AIR)

Middle East North Africa Assoication for Institutional Research (MENA-AIR)

New Mexico Association for Institutional Research and Planning (NMAIRP)

Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning (OAIRP)

South East Asia Association for Institutional Research (SEAAIR)

Tennessee Association for Institutional Research (TENNAIR)

Texas Association for Institutional Research (TAIR)

Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Affiliated Orgnaization Dinner Groups (4 Sessions)Top  

Association for Institutional Research and Planning Officers (AIRPO) Dinner Group

Canadian Institutional Researchers & Planning Association (CIRPA) Dinner Group

Indiana Association for Institutional Research (INAIR) Dinner Group

Maryland Association for Institutional Research (MdAIR) Dinner Group


Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM Concurrent Sessions (16 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Opening the Black Box: Development of Georgia Performance Funding...

Presenters: Angela Bell, Rachana Bhatt, Leslie Caldwell, Susan Donoff

Facilitator: Ann Weber

(DIGITAL PASS) Prior Engagement and Expectations Matter to 1st Year College Enga...

Presenter: Christopher Foley

Facilitator: Beverly King

(DIGITAL PASS) Transfer Credits: Sources, Quality, and Impact on Student Outcomes

Presenter: Justin Shepherd

Facilitator: Russell Cannon

Building a Bridge: Active Participation in Developing Our PIRS

Presenter: Brianna Moore-Trieu

Facilitator: Helen Gallagher

Career Outcomes Data: Victories, Pitfalls, and Lessons Learned

Presenters: Alexandra Riley, Laura MacBride, Jennifer Abing

Facilitator: SuYeon Yoon

Developing a Next-Generation Quantitative Literacy Assessment

Presenter: Katrina Roohr

Facilitator: Cheng-Han Lee

Does Allowing Survey Takers to Switch Devices Improve Responses?

Presenters: Amber Dumford, Angie Miller

Faculty Who Retain Students: Is Their Contribution Significant?

Presenters: Nathan Dickmeyer, Chunjuan Zhu, Erez Lenchner

Facilitator: Marco Krcatovich

Financial Aid Reporting in IR Offices: Keys for Successful Reporting

Presenter: Leslie Odom

Life-Long Wellbeing and the College Experience of Millennials

Presenters: Andrew Zehner, Brent Drake

MI/AIR Best Presentation: Adventures in Enrollment Modeling

Presenter: Reuben Ternes

Facilitator: David Mongold

MOOCs and IR: The Challenges of Working with edX Data

Presenter: Jon Daries

Facilitator: Andrew McClurg

Multi-Tasking a Tableau Dashboard with Filters, Calculations, and Parameters

Presenter: Mark Leany

The Data Spot: Innovation in Information Sharing

Presenters: Cassie Clough, Jason Simon, Mary Barton

Facilitator: Tara Smith

University Innovation Alliance and the Scaling Up of Predictive Analytics

Presenter: Sandra Archer

Using National Accountability Initiatives to Highlight Your Best Features

Presenters: Teri Hinds, Christine Keller

Facilitator: Paula Krist

Friday, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Concurrent Sessions (18 Sessions)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Factors Affecting High-Achieving Students' Attrition in STEM Fields

Presenter: Oyebanjo Lajubutu

Facilitator: Denise Gardner

(DIGITAL PASS) High Profile Reporting of Low Response Surveys: Interpreting Alum...

Presenters: Barbara Wharton, Sheila Craft-Morgan

Facilitator: Kathleen Chaballa

(DIGITAL PASS) Managing Response Rates: How to Build a Culture of Responsiveness

Presenters: Jenny Liu, Jean Gutheil-Bykerk, Daniel O'Dell, Andrew Jacobsen

Facilitator: Marco Krcatovich

[Canceled] Community College Pathway to STEM Baccalaureate Completion [Canceled]

Presenter: Hongwei Yu

A Decade of Data: An Item-Level Analysis of CCSSE Data Since 2004

Presenter: Kyle Lovseth

A High Efficiency Institutional Research Office

Presenters: Yang Zhang, David Iannucci, Kelly Jung-ts Lin

Facilitator: Allan Joseph Medwick

Communicate, Negotiate, and Facilitate: The Expanding Role of IR Professionals

Presenters: Kristina Powers, Angela Henderson, Jeffrey Stewart, Ross Griffith

Facilitator: Christopher Cullander

Creating and Applying a Transfer Student Typology

Presenters: Stephany Dunstan, Robert Blanchard, Steven White

Facilitator: Alessandra Dinin

Employing Postsecondary Data for Effective State Policymaking

Presenters: Jamey Rorison, Mamie Voight

Facilitator: Lisa Martin

Evaluation of Course Surveys: Award Winning Instructors versus Cohort Data

Presenters: Tris Utschig, Joseph Ludlum, Karin DeAmicis

Facilitator: Salma Daiban

Exploring Data Mining for the Early Prediction of At-Risk Freshmen

Presenter: Nora Galambos

FERPA and its Role in Institutional Research

Presenters: Geoff Matthews, Tim Stanley

Facilitator: Erika Hill

From Administration to Z-Scores: An Overview of Survey Research

Presenters: Ellen Stolzenberg, Dominique Harrison

Modeling the Effects of Retirement and Voluntary Separation Programs

Presenters: Mardy Eimers, Matthew Cooper

Noncredit Vocational Education: Students, Enrollment Patterns, and Academic Outc...

Presenters: Di Xu, Thomas Bailey

Facilitator: Catherine Trouth

Optimizing Long Surveys for Smartphones: Why It's Important

Presenters: Shimon Sarraf, James Cole

Should We Advise All First-Time Students to Take Heavy Courseloads?

Presenters: Donald Rudawsky, Arie Spirgel

Facilitator: Wayne Schneider

The Graduate Experience for IR Professionals

Presenters: Mark Umbricht, Samantha Nix, Justin Ortagus

Friday, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Farwell Brunch and Closing Keynote (1 Session)Top  

(DIGITAL PASS) Farewell Brunch and Closing Keynote with Speaker Emme Deland

Friday, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Workshops (4 Sessions)Top  

Best Practices for Qualitative Research

Presenters: Jennifer Mack, William Hayward

Designing and Implementing Online Interactive IR/IE Dashboards Using Open-source...

Presenters: Shunnan Chen, Carissa Shafto, Christina Bollinger

Developing a Student Flow Model to Simulate a Student Success Metric at Your Ins...

Presenters: Sandra Archer, Takeshi Yanagiura

Excel Macros Boot Camp - How to Create, Run, and Modify Macros

Presenters: Mark Leany, Tim Stanley