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Keynote Speakers

Lee LeFever
Wednesday, May 28 @ 8:00 A.M.
Gatlin A-B

The Art of Explanation

What does it mean to explain an idea? Why is explanation so difficult? What is the Curse of Knowledge and what is the remedy? What are the Stepping Stones of Effective Explanations? How do you find the right language for your audience? Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation, will share ideas and suggestions to help us explore the art of explanation for IR. In 2007, Lee saw an opportunity to explain technology using short animated videos. Since then his company has worked with the world’s most respected brands, inspired the explainer video industry and earned over 50 million online views. Today his focus is helping others become more understandable through better explanations.

Ajita Talwalker Menon
Friday, May 30 @ 10:00 A.M.
Gatlin A-B

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Higher Education: The Critical Role of Institutional Researchers in Advancing Our Nation’s Postsecondary Goals

Earning a post-secondary degree or credential is no longer just a pathway to opportunity for a talented few; rather, it is a prerequisite for the growing jobs of the new economy and strengthens our democracy. Many innovative IR leaders are already using the data and resources of their offices to help streamline campus operations, support faculty teaching and learning, and improve the quality of student services on campus. These actions are helping to bridge policy and practice in ways that can transform student success and help realize the President’s vision to once again lead the world in college completion.