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Saturday, 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM Advance Registration Required (4 Sessions)Top  

An Introduction to Logistic Regression

Presenters: Nicholas Warcholak, Marianne Guidos

Facilitator: Helen Sheridan

Introduction to Dashboards in Excel 2007

Presenter: Craig Abbey

Facilitator: Michelle Stine

Organizing and Managing Program Assessment

Presenters: Robert Armacost, Julia Pet-Armacost

Facilitator: Paula Krist

Rapid Predictive Modeling for Institutional Researchers

Presenters: Jerry Oglesby, Tom Bohannon

Facilitator: Sherrie Tu

Saturday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Advance Registration Required (3 Sessions)Top  

An Intensive Introduction to Data Mining in Institutional Research

Presenters: Thulasi Kumar, Sutee Sujitparapitaya

Facilitator: Brett Magill

Excel Macros Boot Camp - Your Passport to Spreadsheet Automation

Presenters: Mark Leany, Tim Stanley

Facilitator: Brandi Kernel

Key Responsibilities and Strategies for the Practice of Institutional Research: ...

Presenter: Karen Webber

Facilitator: Tere Naylor

Saturday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (2 Sessions)Top  

2010-2011 Board of Directors Meeting

Facilitator: Gerrie Jacobs

2011-2012 New Board Members and Nominating Committee Meeting with Miriam Carver

Saturday, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Pre-Forum Workshop Refreshment Break Top  

Saturday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Lunch for Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

Saturday, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Advance Registration Required (4 Sessions)Top  

Advanced Dashboards in Excel 2007

Presenter: Craig Abbey

Effectively Closing-the-Loop on Assessment in Six Steps

Presenter: Uche Ohia

Fundamentals of Logic Models and Evaluation

Presenters: Rigoberto Gomez, Liliana Rodriguez Campos

Facilitator: Jo Ann Buentello

IPEDS Data as the Public Face of an Institution

Presenter: Sandra Kinney

Facilitator: Robert Corwyn

Saturday, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (One Session)Top  

2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Board of Directors Meeting with Miriam Carver

Saturday, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pre-Forum Workshop Refreshment Break Top  

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Saturday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Early Arrivers Reception (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Early Arrivers Reception


Sunday, 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM (One Session)Top  

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IOTA Solutions
Standing Committee Breakfast and Orientation to Policy Governance

Sunday, 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM Advance Registration Required (5 Sessions)Top  

Assessment of General Education: A New Role for Institutional Researchers

Presenter: J.E. Gonzalez

Facilitator: Debra Winikates

Designing Effective Tables and Charts: Theory and Practice

Presenters: Rebecca Carr, Mary Harrington

Facilitator: Mary Ann La Fleur

Intermediate/Advanced PivotTables with Excel 2007

Presenter: Joanne Heslop

Facilitator: Rajneesh Chellapilla

IPEDS Data and Benchmarking: Supporting Decision Making and Institutional Effect...

Presenter: Kimberly Thompson

SQL Processing in the SAS Coding Environment: The PROC SQL Procedure

Presenters: Gary Levy, Alexandra Riley

Facilitator: Quanhua Zhou

Sunday, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM Advance Registration Required (5 Sessions)Top  

A Basic Toolbox for Assessing Institutional Effectiveness

Presenter: Michael Middaugh

Balanced Scorecards in Higher Education: Developing and Using Them in Strategy E...

Presenters: Jan Lyddon, Bruce McComb

Data Mining: Learning Clustering Techniques and Predictive Modeling

Presenters: Thulasi Kumar, Sutee Sujitparapitaya

Introduction to Statistics for Institutional Research Using SPSS

Presenters: John Pryor, Jessica Sharkness, Kevin Eagan

Visual Basic Programming in Excel

Presenter: Christopher Maxwell

Sunday, 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM Pre-Forum Workshop Refreshment Break Top  

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The IDEA Center

Sunday, 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM (6 Sessions)Top  

Standing Committee Small Groups - External Relations

Standing Committee Small Groups - Forum

Standing Committee Small Groups - Higher Education Data Policy Committee (HEDPC)

Standing Committee Small Groups - Membership

Standing Committee Small Groups - Professional Development (PDS)

Standing Committee Small Groups - Publications

Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (One Session)Top  

2011 Forum Evaluation Committee Working Session

Sunday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Standing Committee Report Out

Sunday, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM SeminAIRs (6 Sessions)Top  

Advance Registration is required and space is limited.Visit the SeminAIR page on the Forum Web site to sign up.

SeminAIR: Academically Adrift Discussion Group

Presenter: Jonathan Keiser

SeminAIR: Collaboration and Communication with Internal and External Audiences

Presenter: Julie Carpenter-Hubin

SeminAIR: Graduate Students in IR

Presenters: Robert Toutkoushian, Karen Webber

SeminAIR: IR in For-Profit Institutions

Presenter: J. Joseph Hoey

SeminAIR: Mid-Career IR Professionals: Where do we go from here?

Presenter: Michael McGuire

SeminAIR: One-Person IR Office

Presenters: Stephen Thorpe, Dale Trusheim

Sunday, 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM (One Session)Top  

AIR Newcomers Workshop

Presenters: Jim Lenio, Crissie Grove Jameson

Sunday, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Southern Association for Institutional Research Board Meeting

Sunday, 1:45 PM - 2:00 PM Pre-Forum Workshop Refreshment Break Top  

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Academic Analytics

Sunday, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (One Session)Top  

AIR/US News Advisory Committee

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Sunday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Open Session with Miriam Carver on Policy Governance

Sunday, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange Advisory Board Meeting

Sunday, 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM (One Session)Top  

Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities Executive Committee Meeting

Sunday, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Incisive Analytics
Newcomers and Mentor/Mentee Gathering

Sunday, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Plenary Session (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Plenary Session, Dr. Richard Arum - Undergraduate Learning and Post-College Out...

Facilitator: Jeffrey Smith

Sunday, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Opening Reception (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Digital Measures
Opening Reception

Facilitator: Angel Colon Rosado


Monday, 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM Special Interest and Affiliate Group Meetings (15 Sessions)Top  

Academic Analytics

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Association for Institutional Research in the Upper Midwest

Banner Users Special Interest Group

Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association

Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange

EBI and MAP-Works

Indiana Association for Institutional Research

Learning Progress Model Beta Project

Facilitator: Claire Matthews

Michigan Association for Institutional Research

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory Special Interest Group

North Carolina Association for Institutional Research

Southern Association for Institutional Research

Texas Association for Institutional Research

The Kansas Study of Community College Instructional Costs and Productivity

Voluntary System of Accountability

Monday, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Panels (20 Sessions)Top  

Building a Culture of Evidence

Presenters: Nan Hu, Andy Clark, Ira Rhodes, Abby Willcox, Shawna Lafreniere, Teri Marcos

Facilitator: Maria Pita Carranza

Common Data Set Update

Presenters: Stanley Bernstein, Robert Morse, Stephen Sauermelch

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Converting Data into Evidence: Institutions Discuss Using CIRP Surveys in Accred...

Presenters: C. Ellen Peters, Gordon Hewitt, Laura Palucki Blake

Facilitator: Chris Olson

Creating Ongoing Communication and Collaboration Between University Institutiona...

Presenters: Gary Barton, Terry Bustillos, Ron Germaine

Facilitator: Katherine Beck

Dual Enrollment: Helping Students, Teachers, and Parents Map Their Educational J...

Presenters: Patricia Gregg, Barbara Abdul-Karim, Sheila Joyner

Higher Education Opportunity Act Update

Presenters: Janice Plotczyk, Elise Miller, Jessica Shedd

Facilitator: Richard Balsley

Impact of Early College Enrollment and Faculty and Staff Support on Student Outc...

Presenters: Anne Marie Delaney, Robert Loveridge, Geoff Matthews

Facilitator: Karen DeMonte

Institutional Research’s Role in Increasing Institutional Effectiveness: Complem...

Presenters: Karen Webber, Gerrie Jacobs, Cornelius Fourie, Sandra Bramblett, Denise Gardner

Facilitator: Gerunda Hughes

Keeping Your (Strategic) Head While All Around You Are Losing Theirs: University...

Presenters: Alix Green, Nick Hillman, Ross Renton

Facilitator: Brian Moss

Profiles of TBCU Excellence in IR, Part 1

Presenters: Hansel Burley, Gita Pitter, Dana Dalton, Garnett Henley

Program Integrity Hot Topic

Presenters: Deborah Dailey, Fred Lillibridge, J. Joseph Hoey

Reflections on College Rankings: Building a Better Mousetrap

Presenters: John Pryor, George Kuh, Watson Swail, Jay Goff

Refocusing Student Success: Addressing Current Metric Limitations

Presenters: Gary Rice, William Jacobs, Mary Ann Coughlin, Jerold Laguilles, Claire Matthews

Taking Postsecondary Data to the Next Level: Sharing Labor Data in California, K...

Presenters: Tanya Garcia, Patrick Perry, Heidi Hiemstra

The AIR Athletics Reporting Requirements Survey

Presenters: Kyle Sweitzer, David Horton, Gayle Fink

The Institutional Researcher’s Stake in the Common Education Data Standards (CED...

Presenters: John Blegen, Valerie Martin Conley, Christine Keller, Hans L'Orange, Kathleen Zaback

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

Using Longitudinal Assessment for Institutional Improvement

Presenters: Tricia Seifert, Ryan Padgett, Mark Salisbury, Carol Trosset, Steve Weisler, Charles Blaich, Kathleen Wise, Chad Loes

Facilitator: Cynthia Gray

Using Noncognitive Assessment Data to Promote Student Success

Presenters: Paul Gore, Wade Leuwerke

Facilitator: Viktor Brenner

VFA: Building an Accountability Framework FOR Community Colleges, BY Community C...

Presenters: Bernadette Holloway, Kent Phillippe

What Every IR Rookie Should Know: Class of 2011

Presenters: Crissie Grove Jameson, Gordon Mills, Angel Jowers

Monday, 9:45 AM - 10:25 AM (25 Sessions)Top  

A Visual Exploration of the Differences Between Peer and Counselor Reputation Ra...

Presenter: Jason Sullivan

Facilitator: Sandra Bramblett

Analysis of Student Comments From Faculty Course Evaluations

Presenter: Halyna Kornuta

Facilitator: Mehary Stafford

Assessing Stakeholders’ Use of and Satisfaction With an Office of Institutional ...

Presenters: Eric Riedel, Shari Jorissen, David Baur

Facilitator: Lucy Walker

Degree Data for All

Presenters: M. Paige Borden, Linda Sullivan, Maureen Murray

Facilitator: Paula Krist

Doing More With Less: Lean Thinking

Presenters: Janette Newhouse, Benjamin Newhouse

Evaluation of an Online Alcohol Education Program for First-Time-in-College Stud...

Presenter: Elayne Reiss

Exploration of Interstate College and Post-Graduation Migration in the United St...

Presenter: Terry Ishitani

Facilitator: Rich Healy

Exploring Retention Through the Lens of Academic and Non-Academic Factors

Presenters: Timothy Chow, Sarah Forbes

Facilitator: Michelle Hall

Foundations of Excellence: A Self-Study and Planning Process that Yields Improve...

Presenter: Brent Drake

From Data-Dumped to Data-Driven: Lessons Learned in Using Assessment Data

Presenter: Jennifer Burge

Harnessing the Interaction: Using Focus Groups for Assessing Student Learning

Presenter: Jonathan Keiser

Identifying Disciplinary Peers: A Process for Classifying Fields of Study Based ...

Presenters: Mahauganee Shaw, Amber Dumford, Eddie Cole, Antwione Haywood, Thomas Nelson Laird

Institutional Research Using the SAS Business Analytics Framework

Presenter: Chris Ricciardi

Facilitator: Jamie Redwine

Is There Bias? Examining Nonresponse in Online Course Evaluations

Presenters: Meredith Dean, Paul Umbach

Facilitator: Jan O'Brien

Making Technology Work for Your Assessment Needs: Three Locally Developed System...

Presenters: Barbara Yonai, Noreen Gaubatz, Laura Harrington

Facilitator: Sheila Craft-Morgan

Multi-Institutional Research Methods and Process

Presenters: Ted Hodge, Shannon Howell

Facilitator: Dorys Crespin-Mueller

NEAIR Best Paper: Using SEM to Describe the Infusion of Civic Engagement in the ...

Presenters: Meredith Billings, Dawn Geronimo Terkla

Facilitator: Cathy Lebo

No Budget, No Problem: Using MS Office to Maximize Efficiency in a Low Budget IR...

Presenters: Cristina Martinez-Lebron, Chamary Fuentes

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Preliminary Analysis on Race and Ethnicity Data Using New and Old IPEDS Categories

Presenters: Yang Zhang, Valerie Taylor, Dale Swartzentruber

The Delaware Study Data Collection Process: Making the Most of a Data Warehouse ...

Presenters: Allison Walters, Denise Lindsey

Facilitator: Heather Kelly

The Restructuring of Tennessee’s Lottery Scholarship Program: A Role of State-Le...

Presenters: Takeshi Yanagiura, Thomas Sanford

Facilitator: Lyle McKinney

Transform Your Strategic Planning, Assessment and Accreditation Efforts with Cam...

Presenter: Kim VanDerLinden

Understanding the Resources Faculty Use When Trying Out and Refining New Insight...

Presenters: Tony Ribera, Allison BrckaLorenz, Debbie Santucci

Using Curriculum Mapping to Create a Comprehensive Assessment Plan: Phase 1.5

Presenter: William Richman

Why do so Many Reporting Projects Fail?

Presenters: Scott Flory, Brian Parish

Monday, 10:25 AM - 11:00 AM Refreshment Break Top  

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Tableau Software

Monday, 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM (26 Sessions)Top  

A Comparison of Parameter Estimates of Hierarchical Linear Modeling and Ordinary...

Presenter: Louis Rocconi

Facilitator: Gary Pike

A Comprehensive Approach to Competency-Based Assessment

Presenters: Robert Armacost, Julia Pet-Armacost

Facilitator: Timothy Chow

A Not-Too-Difficult Way to Study Classroom Space Utilization

Presenter: Fred Lillibridge

Facilitator: Dorys Crespin-Mueller

A Survival Analysis on Degree Attainment of College Transfer Students at a Four-...

Presenters: Karen Menard, Ying Liu, Jin Zhang, Marzena Kielar-Karpinska

Aboriginal Retention and Student Engagement at a Canadian University: Is the NSS...

Presenter: Kristen Hamilton

ALAIR Best Paper: Introduction to Data Warehousing

Presenter: John Rosier

Facilitator: Lisa Muller

Association for Biblical Higher Education's Assessment and Accountability Projec...

Presenter: Lucas Kavlie

Facilitator: Qin Liu

Benchmarking Efficiency of Colleges and Universities: Data Envelopment Analysis

Presenters: Alexei Matveev, Nuria Cuevas

Facilitator: Ebenezer Kolajo

Building a Productive Partnership Between Student Affairs and Institutional Rese...

Presenter: Ray Phinney

Departmental Profiles (or Everything You Need to Know to Make Informed Decisions)

Presenters: Geoffrey Selig, Cameron Tilson

Facilitator: Mardy Eimers

Developmental Education Program Effect Analysis: A Within-State Difference-in-Di...

Presenter: Sung-Woo Cho

Facilitator: Sheila Joyner

Helping Universities Manage, Measure, and Benchmark Faculty Activities Across Ca...

Presenter: Ann Beynon

Identification of Factors That Influence the Academic Performance of Students Wh...

Presenters: John Orange, Carolyn Orange

Facilitator: Stephanie Simon

Insourcing: Bringing a Third-Party Course Evaluation Solution In-House

Presenters: Mike Rogers, Robert Brodnick, Brian Severin, George Carpenter

Facilitator: Diane Nauffal

Introducing the Offering of Joint and Double Degrees at the University of Pretor...

Presenter: Sanette Boshoff

Learner-Centered Assessment: Current Faculty Practices in U.S. Colleges and Univ...

Presenter: Karen Webber

Facilitator: Jennifer Brown

Make Data Collection Easy and Bring Everyone Onboard With Assessment

Presenters: Erin Bell, Andrew Davies

Mentoring Relationship Between an Expert and a Novice IR Professional: The Estab...

Presenters: Lu Liu, Barbara McNeice-Stallard

Migrating to WebFOCUS Dashboards: A Group Discussion of the Benefits, Challenges...

Presenters: Mark Leany, Robert Loveridge

More Than a Patchwork of Piecemeal Initiatives: The Compound Benefits of an Inst...

Presenters: Bradley Cox, Kadian McIntosh, Patrick Terenzini

Facilitator: Cathy Lebo

Profiles of TBCU Excellence in IR, Part 2

Presenters: Hansel Burley, Mimi Johnson, Thereisa Coleman, Andrea Agnew

Ranking Is Not Enough: Measuring University Performance

Presenters: Craig Abbey, Peter Haddawy

Facilitator: Bernard Braun

Simplifying HEOA: Using a Self-Audit Checklist to Determine Compliance

Presenters: Kristina Powers, Jeffrey Stewart, Ross Griffith

Take Control of Net Price Calculator to Meet the Needs of Your Applicants

Presenter: S. Wickes Westcott

Facilitator: Treva Lee

Using R to Automate IPEDS Reporting

Presenter: Jason Bryer

Facilitator: Donald Cunningham

Wage and Demand Matrices: Using Likely Employment Outcomes to Inform Program Pla...

Presenters: Christina Whitfield, Alicia Crouch, Katie Karn

Facilitator: Kristia Mapes

Monday, 11:55 AM - 12:50 PM (One Session)Top  

Higher Education Research Institute

Monday, 11:55 AM - 12:35 PM (23 Sessions)Top  

2010 AIR Forum Best Paper: Using Instrumental Variables to Account for Selection...

Presenters: Gary Pike, Michele Hansen

Facilitator: Qin Liu

An Examination of Master’s Student Retention and Completion

Presenters: Melissa Barry, Charles Mathies

Facilitator: Jason Sullivan

Bridging the Gap: Renewing Resources to Improve Student Success in Developmental...

Presenter: Gurvinder Khaneja

Evisions’ Argos Enterprise Reporting Solution

Presenter: Matthew Chick

Expanding IR’s Role in Institutional Change Management: Using Taxonomies and Dat...

Presenter: Kim Bender

Explaining the Myths and Misperceptions of Online Course Evaluation

Presenter: Matthew Champagne

Graduating Latinos: Understanding Influences on Latina/o Undergraduate Degree At...

Presenter: Lucy Arellano

Facilitator: Gerard Dizinno

Impact on Student Success: Policy Change for Placement in Developmental Mathemat...

Presenter: Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche

Facilitator: Pamela Sondhi

Improving Response Rates: Lessons From the Field

Presenter: Judith Ouimet

Facilitator: Timothy Chow

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, Robert Gonyea

Facilitator: Alice Simpkins

New Evidence on the First-Year Seminar: Assessing and Evaluating Seminar Objecti...

Presenter: Ryan Padgett

Facilitator: Robert Toutkoushian

Non-Parametric Analysis of Postsecondary Admissions: An Application of Random Fo...

Presenters: Robert Bielby, Michael Bastedo

Facilitator: Panos Hadjimitsos

Online Course Evaluations: Our Response Rates Are WHAT!??

Presenters: Kathy Ottoson, Kimberly Brantley

Perk up Your Presentations With Prezi!

Presenters: Sharron Ronco, Mary Harrington

Facilitator: Sandra Bramblett

SACCR Best Paper: Student Perceptions of Success in Nursing Education Programs

Presenter: Rose Beebe

Spreading the Word: Institutional Research, Global Education, and the Language B...

Presenter: Stefan Buettner

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Student Dropout in 2007 at Tshwane University of Technology: Causes and Reflecti...

Presenter: Johan van Koller

Student Flow From Initial Major to Final Degree

Presenters: Jing Wang, Jonathan Shiveley

Facilitator: Ruth Salter

The Challenge of Comparing Apples and Oranges: Incorporating Entering Freshmen a...

Presenter: Eva Chan

The Impact of Early College Credit on College Success: An Examination of Dual En...

Presenters: Todd Schmitz, Christopher Foley, Meagan Senesac

Facilitator: Patricia Gregg

Using BCSSE and NSSE Data to Investigate College Readiness

Presenters: James Cole, Wen Qi

Using the University Diversity Climate Undergraduate Student Survey to Examine W...

Presenters: Sandra Harris, Kimberly King-Jupiter

What Were You Thinking? Considering Heuristics in Institutional Research

Presenters: Elizabeth Pemberton, Shelley Esquivel

Facilitator: H. Joei Morton

Monday, 12:50 PM - 1:30 PM (20 Sessions)Top  

A Student Survey System for Learning Improvement in Japan: How It Is Developed a...

Presenters: Reiko Yamada, Yumiko Sugitani, Akihiro Ehara

Aboriginal Retention and the NSSE: A Logistic Regression Analysis at Thompson Ri...

Presenter: Kristen Hamilton

Assessing a New Approach to Class-Based Affirmative Action

Presenter: Matthew Gaertner

Facilitator: Michelle Appel

Assessing Learning Amongst New First-Year and Transfer Students: Does Orientatio...

Presenter: Kim VanDerLinden

Facilitator: Laura Wichman

CAIR and NCCCRP Best Paper: Examining System-Level Impacts in Recessionary Periods

Presenter: Matthew Wetstein

Cat Herding Your Data

Presenters: Kim Dorrington, Geoffrey Irvine

Discussing Data Sharing Dilemmas

Presenter: Jennifer Burge

Graduation Rates and Academic Outcomes After Four Years: The Interaction of Athl...

Presenters: Rachelle Brooks, John Emerson

Facilitator: AIR Member

IR to Rock Star

Presenters: David Williams, Larson Hicks

Facilitator: Joy Evans

Is More Always Better? A Consideration of Response Rates and Bias in Higher Educ...

Presenter: Gina Johnson

Facilitator: Laureen McGrath

Navigating the Regional and Professional Accreditation Jungle: IR Offices Have t...

Presenters: Noreen Gaubatz, Barbara Yonai, Timothy Wasserman

Facilitator: Antigoni Papadimitriou

OCAIR Best Paper: Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: Factors That Influence College...

Presenter: Yang Zhang

Organizational Climate at Community Colleges: Exploring Dimensions and Uses of C...

Presenters: Paul Umbach, Jingjing Zhang

PNAIRP Best Paper: The Student Transitions Project (STP): Linking Data Across Ed...

Presenter: Joanne Heslop

Reaching the 2020 Goal: Quickly Identifying and Supporting Students At-Risk

Presenters: Andrea Ingle, Jennifer Rockwood

Facilitator: Panos Hadjimitsos

The Impact of Performance Funding on Student Persistence

Presenters: Thomas Sanford, Takeshi Yanagiura

Facilitator: David Mongold

Using CIRP Surveys to Promote Universitywide Educational Objectives and Meet WAS...

Presenters: Mike Rogers, Xiaobing Cao, Laura Palucki Blake

Why For-Profit Higher Education Requires a Different System of Accreditation

Presenters: Thomas Wickenden, Terron King, Sarah Sober

Facilitator: John Muffo

Working Towards a Nuanced Understanding of STEM Graduate Students’ Pathways

Presenters: Josephine Gasiewski, Felisha Herrera, Cynthia Mosqueda

Facilitator: Rich Healy

You Get What You Earn: An Examination of Intra-Campus Competition for Academic C...

Presenter: Mary Lelik

Monday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (One Session)Top  

2011 Financial Advisory Task Force

Monday, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative Board Meeting

Monday, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Affiliate Group Gathering (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

CCI Research
Affiliate Group Gathering, Invitational Event

Monday, 1:45 PM - 2:25 PM (18 Sessions)Top  

A Method of Determining the Cost of Graduate Programs

Presenter: William Knight

Facilitator: Karen Webber

Applying Corporate Organizational Development (OD) Methodologies to a Higher Edu...

Presenter: Kelli Schutte

Facilitator: Ellen Zeman

College-Going in the Great Recession: Enrollment of Traditional-Age Undergraduat...

Presenters: Doug Shapiro, Mary Ziskin, Jin Chen, Desiree Zerquera, Afet Dundar

Community College Student Success Courses and Educational Outcomes

Presenters: Jere Turner, Hui-Ling Chen

Facilitator: Allan Joseph Medwick

CSRDE Best Paper: Psychosocial Factor Modeling and Retention Outcomes: Exploring...

Presenter: Raifu Durodoye

Facilitator: David Fike

Developing Key Performance Indicators at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution: ...

Presenter: Ajit Batra

Facilitator: Roseanne Sovka

Entering Student Survey: Importance, Opportunities, and Challenges

Presenters: Uday Nair, Rachel Straney, Patrice Lancey

Facilitator: Susan Pappas

Explanation for Disparities in Remediation between Severely, Moderately, and Mil...

Presenters: Peter Bahr, Christopher Nellum

Facilitator: Dana Dalton

Forming and Using Peer Groups Based on Nearest Neighbors With IPEDS Data

Presenters: Gerald McLaughlin, Richard Howard, Josetta McLaughlin

Gendered Differences in Faculty Retention: Job Satisfaction, Integration, and Jo...

Presenter: Marin Clarkberg

Facilitator: Cathy Lebo

Going Beyond Grades In Assessing Student Learning

Presenter: Michael Taft

MdAIR Best Paper: Predictors of Academic Success at a Highly Selective Research ...

Presenter: Teresa Wonnell

Facilitator: Adam Shick

Predictors of Faculty Research Productivity: A Literature Review

Presenter: Mehary Stafford

Facilitator: Hanjay Kim

Speaking the Language of Data: Strengthening the Relationship Between Institutio...

Presenters: Shari Ellertson, Stephen Ward

Facilitator: Karen Egypt

Strategies for Assessing Moral Reasoning as a General Education Learning Outcome

Presenter: David Jordan

The Impact of Hidden Grades on Student Decision-Making and Academic Performance:...

Presenter: Gregory Harris

Facilitator: Lydia Snover

The Institutional Artifact Portfolio Process: An Effective and Nonintrusive Meth...

Presenters: Renee Tobin, Derek Herrmann, Kelly Whalen

The New NRC Rankings: Old Versus New and U.S. News too….the Stability of Reputat...

Presenter: Kyle Sweitzer

Facilitator: Mardy Eimers

Monday, 2:25 PM - 3:00 PM Refreshment Break Top  

Sponsored by


Monday, 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM (24 Sessions)Top  

A Primer on Interactive Decision Tools in Excel 2007

Presenters: Ryan Johnson, Bryce Mason

Facilitator: Lucy Walker

AAIR Best Paper: Are Australian Graduates at the Whim of the Wage Curve?

Presenter: David Carroll

Facilitator: Robert Toutkoushian

AIR Budget Briefing

Analysts, Developers, and Tableau: Making a Visual Story

Presenters: Connie Smith, Alim Ray, Vera Remennik

Facilitator: Gina Johnson

Cultivating Active Citizens: An Evaluation of the Citizenship and Public Scholar...

Presenters: Meredith Billings, Dawn Geronimo Terkla

Department and Program-Level Assessment: Taking Stock and Identifying Challenges

Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, Karen Paulson, Staci Provezis

Facilitator: Clifford Adelman

Digging Deeper Into Institutional Data: Using Reports and Tools From NSSE and FS...

Presenters: Thomas Nelson Laird, Mahauganee Shaw, Eddie Cole

Facilitator: Stephanie Simon

Enablers and Constraints in the Higher Education System in South Africa: Policy ...

Presenters: Matseliso Molapo, Nelson Masindi

Facilitator: Eric Godin

Estimating Behavior Frequencies: Do Vague and Enumerated Estimation Strategies Y...

Presenters: James Cole, Ali Korkmaz

Exploring Determinants of Learning Outcomes in a Non-U.S. Private University: Fo...

Presenters: Yuji Okada, Tomoko Torii, Takeshi Yanagiura

Incorporating Evidence Into Institutions of Higher Education: Transforming Data ...

Presenters: Mary Osborne, David Anderson

Facilitator: Margot Neverett

Institutional Analysis of Disparate Outcomes by Race by an Achieving the Dream C...

Presenter: Roger Mourad

Institutional Research Versus “Third Space”

Presenter: Stefan Buettner

Integrated Campus Planning: Using Cross-Institutional Collaboration to Promote t...

Presenters: James Posey, Renee Smith Nyberg

Facilitator: Scott Alessandro

Making the Invisible Visible: Designing a System for Capturing Evidence of Learn...

Presenters: Jennifer Cochran, Paula Serra

NCAA Reporting Update

Presenter: Maria DeJulio

Facilitator: Kyle Sweitzer

New Evidence From a Causal Analysis of Washington I-BEST: A Difference-in-Differ...

Presenter: Sung-Woo Cho

Reporting and Communicating Students Predicted to Leave or Fail: Ethical and Pra...

Presenter: Leonard Giambra

RMAIR Best Paper: Efficiency and Effectiveness Improvements at the University of...

Presenter: Dan Montez

Supporting and Surviving Regional Accreditation: The HLC Experience

Presenter: Kay Schneider

The Impact of Academic, Financial, Family, and Personal Stressors on GPA and Per...

Presenters: Barbara Yonai, Timothy Wasserman

Facilitator: Claire Matthews

The Student Athlete Experience: Findings from the CIRP College Senior Survey

Presenters: John Pryor, Ann Kearns

The Tassel Is Worth the Hassle! Collegewide Efforts to Increase Graduation Rate

Presenters: Elena Bubnova, Estela Gutierrez

Thinking About Race: The Salience of Racial and Ethnic Identity and Its Relation...

Presenters: Adriana Ruiz Alvarado, Chelsea Guillermo -Wann, Sylvia Hurtado

Facilitator: Wendy Marson

Monday, 3:55 PM - 4:35 PM (22 Sessions)Top  

A Survey of Surveys

Presenter: Teresa Ward

Facilitator: Kimberly Brantley

Academic Outcomes and Faculty Advising: One Institution’s Approach to Quantifyin...

Presenter: Michael Cogan

Facilitator: Melissa Welborn

ACT’s Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) - A Tool for Learning...

Presenter: Sandra Stewart

Analysis and Communication of U.S. News & World Report's Rankings Using Monte Ca...

Presenter: Christopher Maxwell

Facilitator: Cathy Lebo

Benchmarking Tier-One Universities: “Keeping Up with the Joneses”

Presenters: Nicolas Valcik, Kimberly Scruton, Todd Jordan

Closing the NSSE Feedback Loop: Implementing a Student Response Process

Presenters: Dorys Crespin-Mueller, Kristen Hamilton

Comparative Analysis of Peers for a Canadian Technical Institute Using IPEDS Data

Presenter: Qin Liu

Design, Complexity, and Data Quality in a Web Survey: The Effects of Formatting ...

Presenters: Douglas Grbic, David Matthew, Gwen Garrison

Facilitator: Sheila Craft-Morgan

Improving Student Success: Designing and Deploying an Institutional Change Model

Presenters: Jan Lyddon, Paul Rusinko, Kris Coble

MI-AIR Best Paper: Data Nuggets: Providing Fulfilling, Fast, and Accessible Data

Presenters: Johnesa Hodge, Kuda Walker, Keri Wallace

New Ideas for Successful Accreditation: A Comparison of Standards From Regional ...

Presenters: Kristina Powers, Steve Nettles, Ross Griffith, Michael Black, Nijah Bryant

Facilitator: Karen Webber

New Roles for Institutional Research: Planning and Resource Utilization Support ...

Presenters: Guilbert Brown, Carrie Birckbichler

Non-Linearities in a Linear World: What Every Institutional Researcher Should Kn...

Presenter: Reuben Ternes

Perceptions of Institutional Research: Then and Now

Presenters: Meeta Goel, Veneeya Kinion, Barbara Johnson

Facilitator: Robert Toutkoushian

Pinpointing the Needle in the Haystack: A 3 X 3 Classification System to Improve...

Presenter: Victoria Robson

Facilitator: Sridhar Sitharaman

Postsecondary Financial Sources and Student Graduation Rates: What Aspects of a ...

Presenter: Kimberly Harris

SAAIR Best Paper: Doctoral Success: An Ongoing Quality Business

Presenter: Eli Bitzer

Student Evaluation of Teaching: A Chapter in the Institutional Research Handbook

Presenter: Yuxiang Liu

Facilitator: Treva Lee

The Effects of Traditional, Hybrid, and Online Course Types and Faculty Methods ...

Presenters: Alicia Simmons, John Rosier

Time to Degree: Fast Track or Slow Track, What’s the Difference?

Presenters: Todd Schmitz, Teresa Troke

Facilitator: Jon Acker

Why Don’t They Respond? An Investigation Into the Causes of Longitudinal Student...

Presenter: Jessica Sharkness

Facilitator: Meredith Dean

Your Faculty Are Productive. Prove It.

Presenter: Matthew Bartel

Facilitator: S. Wickes Westcott

Monday, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM International Gathering (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

International Gathering, Invitational Event

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Monday, 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM Posters (53 Sessions)Top  

A Comparison of Enrollment Projection Models

Presenters: Shannen Robson, Geoff Matthews

A Map Is Worth a Thousand Words

Presenters: Robin Geiger, Yuliana Susanto

A Multilevel Analysis of the Association of Class Schedule With Student Outcomes...

Presenters: David Fike, Renea Fike

A New Conceptualization of “Generic Skills”: Challenges for the Current Attempts...

Presenters: Kiyoko Saito, Ayaka Noda

A Review and Application of Scale Development Practices

Presenters: Allison BrckaLorenz, Shimon Sarraf, Tony Ribera

A Study of the Longitudinal Impacts of Freshman Experiences and Academic and Dem...

Presenter: Chunju Chen

African-American Enrollment and Retention at Traditionally White Universities: W...

Presenter: Shavecca Snead

Assessing Doctoral Students’ Program Experiences: How do International Students ...

Presenter: Sheila Shu-Ling Huang

Assessing Needs of Student Veterans at an Urban Commuter Institution

Presenter: Janice Childress

Assessing Student Learning for Counseling Students: A Look at Counselor Preparat...

Presenters: Rebecca Jacobson, Sandra Harris

Assessing the Effectiveness of a Summer Success Academy: A Theory-Based, Mixed-M...

Presenters: Michele Hansen, Preston Bennett, Daniel Trujillo, Christopher Foley

At-Risk First-Year Freshmen With D/F/W Grades at an Urban University

Presenter: Lina Lu

Automation of Reports Using Open Source Software

Presenter: Alim Ray

Facilitator: Sridhar Sitharaman

Benchmarking: Global Experience and Lessons for Vietnam

Presenter: Phuong -Anh Vu

Betwixt and Between: Assessing Baseline Data Quality of Electronic Faculty Ratings

Presenters: Charles Davis, Dustin Derby

College Persistence: How Predictive Modeling Can Inform Intervention

Presenters: Andrea Ingle, Amanda Yale, Darlena Jones

Delegated Budgeting and Institutional Buy-In

Presenter: Calvin Piston

Determining and Prioritizing Key Performance Indicators Through Grounded Data Mi...

Presenter: Deryl Hatch

Does Going "Greek" Improve Student Success? Using Dose-Response for Causal Infer...

Presenters: Bryce Mason, Ryan Johnson

Does the Structure of Higher Education Expenditures Matter to Student Success?

Presenter: Ebenezer Kolajo

Evaluating Institutional Performance Across Student Subgroups

Presenters: Helen Marcinda Mason, Laura Knapp

Explaining Second Year Retention and Completion Patterns for African-American Un...

Presenter: Nathan Francis

Friction Points and Social Inequality: An Analysis of Student Departure at a U.S...

Presenter: Jason Toole

Friendship and Its Influence on Engagement, Achievement, and Persistence of Coll...

Presenter: Andrew Mauk

From Community College to Physician: Educational Pathways to Medical School

Presenters: Douglas Grbic, Gwen Garrison

Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research at Pennsylvania State University

Presenters: John Cheslock, J. Fredericks Volkwein

Graduate Follow-Up and Placement at a Two-Year College: A Long-Term View

Presenter: Viktor Brenner

Graduation Close Up: How Underprepared Students are Compared in an HBCU

Presenters: Shaoqing Li, Kwadwo Owusu-Aduemiri

Facilitator: Kymber Taylor

How Did the Recent Economic Downturn Affect the Labor Market Experiences of Onta...

Presenters: Ursula McCloy, Shuping Liu

How Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Ethnic Identity Attachment Shape Students’ Perce...

Presenter: Newman Chun Wai Wong

Informing Institutional Decision Making: Trends in Faculty Members’ Perceptions...

Presenters: Valerie Martin Conley, Ramon Stuart, Brandon Wolfe

Introducing New Initiatives to Increase Response Rates for an Undergraduate Stud...

Presenter: Rachel Maxwell

Judgment Validity: Can the Assessor Learn to Outperform the Equation?

Presenter: David Klieger

Leaning Program Review

Presenter: Darby Hiller

Measuring Balance in Social Networking: How Social Networking Challenges Traditi...

Presenter: Malinda Matney

Minding the Gaps at the Local Level: Applying ACT's Precollege Indicators to Eva...

Presenter: Jamie Redwine

Online Certificate in Institutional Research at Florida State University—Designe...

Presenters: Jill Peerenboom, Paul Stonecipher, Robert Schwartz

Outcomes-Based General Education: Focus Group Research Contributions to Redesign...

Presenter: Naomi Stennes-Spidahl

Passport to Collaboration: Effective Internal Communication

Presenter: Glenna Kay Pulley

Performance Management: Aligning Your Institution with Your Strategic Focus

Presenters: Tim Beckett, Bruce McComb

Precedents for Developing Sustainability Metrics for Colleges and Universities: ...

Presenter: Josetta McLaughlin

Predicting First Year Retention

Presenters: Kathleen Morley, Stephanie Simon

Facilitator: Donald Cunningham

Predicting Retention and Academic Performance of First-Generation Students at a ...

Presenters: Mark D'Amico, Sandra Dika

The Case of the Disappearing Nursing Master’s Students: An IR Mystery Story

Presenter: Christopher Cullander

The Changing Face of Diversity in Higher Education

Presenter: Melissa Welborn

The Classification of Japanese College Students: Using Latent Class Analysis Thr...

Presenters: Takuya Kimura, Reiko Yamada

The Development of Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Scale: An Application of R...

Presenter: Yi Gong

The Troubling Issue of SAT Composite Superscore as an Institutional Metric

Presenter: Mark Davenport

Thinking About the Consequences of Actions: Implementing Outcomes Assessment and...

Presenters: Barbara McNeice-Stallard, Claire Stallard

Tracking and Analysis of IUPUI Undergraduate Applicants Using the National Stude...

Presenter: Meagan Senesac

Undergraduate and Graduate Arts Alumni Paint a Picture of Their Institutional Sa...

Presenters: Angie Miller, Amber Dumford

Using SPSS Macros to Streamline Reporting of Course Evaluation Results

Presenter: Steven Miller

Which Challenges Does the European Education System Need to Master to Supply the...

Presenter: Stefan Buettner

Monday, 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM Graduate Student Gathering (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Information Builders
Graduate Student Gathering, Invitational Event

Monday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (2 Sessions)Top  

Forum Publications Editorial Advisory Committee

Research in Higher Education Consulting Editors

Monday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (16 Sessions)Top  

AAU Data Exchange

Facilitator: Rebecca Carr

Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative

Community College and Two-Year Institutional Research Networking Reception, Invi...

Institutional Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in IR (formerly known as Dat...

Intercollegiate Athletics Special Interest Group

Kentucky Association for Institutional Research

National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP)

National Community College Council for Research and Planning

National Survey of Student Engagement

Network of International Institutional Researchers

North East Association for Institutional Research

Pacific Association for Institutional Research

Pacific Northwest Association for Institutional Research and Planning

Rocky Mountain Association for Institutional Research

StudentTracker Users Group

Tennessee Association for Institutional Research


Tuesday, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Plenary Session (One Session)Top  

Sponsored by

Campus Labs
Plenary Session, Dr. Mark Milliron - Take Center Stage: The Role of Institutiona...

Tuesday, 9:45 AM - 10:25 AM (21 Sessions)Top  

Accurately Placing New Freshmen: Challenges and Lessons Learned From Planning to...

Presenters: Randall Lennox, Kjera Seregi

Analyzing Your Financial Health: A Model for Applying Long-Range Planning Scenar...

Presenters: Christina Frazier, Peter Radcliffe

CCSSE Survey Insight Statements: How Student Engagement Varies According to Demo...

Presenter: Jeffrey Cornett

Facilitator: Jan O'Brien

Comparative Analysis of Success and Retention of Students Participating in Proje...

Presenter: Stephanie Thompson

Facilitator: Kimberly Brantley

Creating New Ethnicity/Race Code for IPEDS Reports from PeopleSoft Using SAS

Presenter: Faxian Yang

Data Governance at a Large Research University: A Collaboration Between the Offi...

Presenters: Barbara Yonai, Erik Anderson

Facilitator: Sandra Bramblett

Delayed Gratification Produces Immediate Results: Considering the Impact of Wage...

Presenter: Kevin Jolly

Developing Measures of Graduate and Professional Program Effectiveness

Presenters: Kyung-Im Noh, Frank Wunschel, Pamela Roelfs

Facilitator: Scott Alessandro

Does College Environment Have the Same Effect on All Students? Relationships Amo...

Presenters: Yiran Dong, James Cole

Facilitator: Margot Neverett

Effects of State Financial Aid Policy on Postsecondary Enrollment Timing

Presenter: Jiyun Kim

Employing Geographic Information in Education and Institutional Research

Presenter: Jesse Gebhardt

Exploring Academic Self-Efficacy: An Important Issue for Student Success

Presenters: Darlena Jones, Jennifer Rockwood

Extreme Makeovers: PowerPoint Edition

Presenters: Mary Harrington, Rebecca Carr, Michelle Broderick

Getting Ready for a Diverse Workforce: Predicting Change in Students’ Pluralisti...

Presenters: Linda DeAngelo, Sylvia Hurtado

Facilitator: Mary Lucus

Introductory STEM Courses: Can They Be More Than Gatekeepers?

Presenters: Josephine Gasiewski, Kevin Eagan, Gina Garcia

Looking Inward and Outward: Using Institutional Data and National Survey Results...

Presenters: Paul Rusinko, Kris Coble, Jan Lyddon

Facilitator: Susan Pappas

Measuring the Effects of a Developmental Mathematics Curriculum Redesign Initiat...

Presenter: Phillip Morris

QS World University Rankings: Get the Inside Story About How and Why They Are Do...

Presenters: Robert Morse, Ben Sowter

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

SAIR and NCAIR Best Paper: Academic Confidence and Impact of Living-Learning Com...

Presenter: David Allen

Facilitator: Ruth Salter

Undergraduate Research Experience and Pursuit of Graduate Study

Presenter: Ning Wang

Facilitator: Lucy Walker

Understanding the Mental Health Needs of College Students: Utilization of the CC...

Presenter: Kim VanDerLinden

Tuesday, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM (One Session)Top  

AIR Nomination Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 10:25 AM - 11:00 AM Refreshment Break Top  

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Tuesday, 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM (26 Sessions)Top  

AIRUM Best Paper: Retention and Graduation Rates of Athletes: What About Divisio...

Presenter: Michael Cogan

Analyzing the Potential Impact on Course Demand of Implementing a “Common Ground...

Presenters: Michael Sauer, Linda Shepard

Assessment of Student Engagement: An Analysis of Trends

Presenters: Diane Nauffal, Ramzi Nasser

Building Effective Partnerships for Creating P20 Data Systems: Examples from Ken...

Presenters: Tanya Garcia, Charles McGrew

Complementing the Numbers: A Text Mining Analysis of College Course Withdrawals

Presenter: Greg Michalski

Facilitator: Norman Bryan

Curriculum Mapping: Understanding How Learning Develops

Presenter: Jean Yerian

Degrees Don't Just Happen: Finding Associate's-Eligibles Among Presumed Dropouts

Presenter: Clifford Adelman

Facilitator: Nathan Lassila

Delta Cost Project: Using IPEDS-Derived Financial Data for Productivity Comparis...

Presenter: David Mongold

Facilitator: Tracie Sapp

Designing a Comprehensive Assessment Website

Presenter: Mary Lucus

Facilitator: Meeta Goel

Developmental Education Online: The Good, the Bad and How to Make it Work for Co...

Presenter: Elena Bubnova

Do Time-to-Degree-Based Indicators Really Measure Community College Institutiona...

Presenter: Karl Boughan

Evaluating a Master of Arts in Teaching Program Using an End-of-Program Survey a...

Presenters: Gary Barton, Terry Bustillos, Ron Germaine, Michael Slatoff

Forum Strategy and Evaluation Committee Meeting

Investigating Social Desirability Bias in Student Self-Report Surveys

Presenter: Angie Miller

IPEDS Update, Part I

Presenters: Janice Plotczyk, Elise Miller, Jessica Shedd

Facilitator: Cynthia Gray

KAIR Best Paper: Early Warning System for Enrollment, Persistence, and Student S...

Presenters: Tuesdi Helbig, Christopher James, Gina Huff

KAIR Best Paper: The Collective Affiliation of Community College, Commuter, and ...

Presenter: Cody Davidson

Facilitator: Dana Dalton

Measuring Persistence Versus Retention Among Nontraditional Students

Presenter: Ann Marie Senior

Online Course and Faculty Evaluations... Let's Talk!

Presenters: Julie Fulgham, Brad Zentner, Marvin Viegas

Operationalizing Progress in the Assessment of a Strategic Plan

Presenter: Matthew Cettin

Planning and Resource Management: A Conversation Among Colleagues

Presenters: Michael Dooris, Jerome Rackoff

Facilitator: Dorys Crespin-Mueller

Relating Socioeconomic Status to Enrollment Flows and College Success

Presenter: Leslie Stratton

Facilitator: Robert Toutkoushian

SMART Data Analysis and Dissemination

Presenters: Mary Glass-Lindstrom, Patrick McDonald

Facilitator: Kristia Mapes

Social Networking Sites and College Students: Does Time Spent on Facebook and My...

Presenters: Jessica Sharkness, John Pryor

Facilitator: Jason Sullivan

The Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Instructional Practices in Two-Year Techn...

Presenter: Daniel Smith

Unexplored Issues in Referral and Enrollment in Developmental Education

Presenter: Sung-Woo Cho

Tuesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (One Session)Top  

Professional File Editorial Board

Tuesday, 11:55 AM - 12:35 PM (26 Sessions)Top  

“Late to the Game”: A Single Point-in-Time and Cumulative Effect of Late Registr...

Presenter: Erez Lenchner

Advancing Learning Through Portfolios: Lessons Learned and Knowledge Gained Abou...

Presenters: Simone Himbeault Taylor, Tiffany Marra

Catholic Higher Education and College Choice

Presenter: Mark Gunty

College Rankings Public Relations, an Overview for the IR Professional

Presenter: Melanie Larson

Comparing Structural Equation Modeling and Multiple Regression Analysis in Model...

Presenters: Mary Osborne, David Anderson

Conducting Propensity Score Matching to Examine the Causal Relationship Between ...

Presenter: Kimberly Harris

Developing a Database to Systemize Periodic and Ad-Hoc Benchmarking Analyses

Presenters: Sandra Archer, Yun Fu, Elayne Reiss

Elevate Your Course Evaluations with Campus Labs

Presenters: Kim VanDerLinden, Robert Courtney

Establishing an Academic Program Review, Ensuring Viable Academic Programs

Presenters: Mary-Lou D'Allegro, Paul Esqueda

Facilitator: Michael Collins

Faculty Support Networks: Promoting Meaningful Interactions in STEM

Presenters: Kevin Eagan, Felisha Herrera, Sylvia Hurtado, Juan Garibay

Institutional Stratification by Race and Gender: Have We Made Any Progress?

Presenters: Michael Bastedo, Julie Posselt, Robert Bielby

IPEDS Update, Part II

Presenters: Janice Plotczyk, Elise Miller, Jessica Shedd

Item Difficulty and Item Distractor Matter When Assessing Student Learning Outco...

Presenters: Hui-Ling Chen, Jere Turner

Facilitator: Qin Liu

Measuring a Department’s Efficiency via Evaluation of an Internship Program

Presenter: Antigoni Papadimitriou

MidAIR Best Paper: Developing a Collaborative Web Site for Displaying University...

Presenter: Sarah Williams

Facilitator: Patrick Rossol-Allison

More With Less: Using Technology to Meet the Needs of a Large Institution With a...

Presenter: Kelli Burns

NSSE 2.0: An Opportunity to Contribute

Presenters: Shimon Sarraf, Jillian Kinzie

PacAIR Best Paper: Organizing and Managing Assessment Data for Student Learning ...

Presenter: Peter Cammish

Productivity Modeling as a Means of Measuring the Potential for Institutional Ch...

Presenters: Claude Cheek, Daniel Rodas

Proven Strategies for Optimizing Response Rates in Course Evaluations

Presenter: Samer Saab

RP Group Best Paper: Making Data Analysis & Research Work in the Real World

Presenter: Robert Johnstone

Supplementary Factor Analysis of NSSE Data

Presenters: Nilay Sapio, Timothy Wasserman

Facilitator: Norman Bryan

Tackling the Problem of Competitive Faculty Salaries: One University’s Efforts t...

Presenter: Margaret Harrigan

Facilitator: Sandra Bramblett

Using Predictive Analytics to Identify Students At-Risk: A Step-by-Step Model fo...

Presenters: Jerome Ward, Serge Herzog

Using Strategic Marketing Methods as a Basis for Graduate Program Portfolio Anal...

Presenter: Tracy Mohr

Who’s Getting the Biggest Research Bang for their Buck?

Presenter: Jeffrey Litwin

Tuesday, 12:50 PM - 1:30 PM (17 Sessions)Top  

A Rubrics Cube for Strategically Planning-Utilizing Limited Assessment Resources

Presenters: Kevin Hynes, Jion Liou Yen, George Klemic

Creating Learning Outcomes Dashboards Through Iterative Collaboration

Presenters: Michelle Miller, Ellen Zeman

Facilitator: John Orange

Eight Essential Concepts for IR Newcomers

Presenter: Daina Henry

How Hard Do Students Try: Student Motivational Findings on a Standardized Test S...

Presenter: Steven Hawks

Interrelationships Among High Schools’ Contexts and Socioeconomic Status

Presenters: Mark Engberg, Gregory Wolniak

Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Assessment-Triggered Actions on Student L...

Presenters: Uche Ohia, Youssouf Diallo

Monitoring the University’s Strategic Plan and Integrating Assessment Activities...

Presenters: Lori Hoeffner, Debbie Shatzkes

Online and Traditional MBA Courses: Are They Different in Quality

Presenter: Yingxia Cao

Facilitator: Allan Joseph Medwick

Out of the Drawer: Using CIRP Results for Institutional Improvement

Presenters: John Pryor, Laura Palucki Blake

Program Prioritization and Productivity Metrics: Developing Transparent and Fair...

Presenters: Paula Harmer, Jennifer Mauldin

Tailored Panel Management: A Theoretical Approach to Building and Maintaining Pa...

Presenters: Mica Estrada-Hollenbeck, Wesley Schultz

The Financial Impact of the Recession and the Strategic Responses of Public Univ...

Presenter: Christine Keller

Facilitator: Jennifer Brown

The Influence of the Campus Climate for Diversity on College Students’ Need for ...

Presenter: Kathleen Goodman

Facilitator: Byron Walton

Transfer Student Success: Does Where You Have Been Predict Where You Are Going?

Presenters: Cassandra Jones, Michael Schuchert

What Do We Measure? Methodological Versus Institutional Validity in Student Surv...

Presenter: Jeffrey Johnson

Facilitator: Katherine Beck

Why Spend the Money? Developing a Retention Tracking System Using Everyday Tools

Presenters: Cristina Martinez-Lebron, Chamary Fuentes

Working Toward a Synergistic Organization: One University’s Challenge

Presenters: Bethany Butson, Margaret Dalrymple, David Robledo

Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Refreshment Break Top  

Sponsored by

Strategic Planning Online

Tuesday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Targeted Affinity Group Opening Session (5 Sessions)Top  

Access TAG Opening Session: Dynamic Parameters of Educational Opportunity: Demog...

Presenter: Thomas Mortenson

Facilitator: Glenn James

Affordability TAG Opening Session: Why Does College Cost So Much? What IR Profes...

Presenters: Kenneth Redd, Gigi Jones, Alisa Cunningham

Facilitator: Cameron Tilson

Liberal Arts TAG Opening Session: Can We Improve Liberal Arts Education Without ...

Presenters: Charles Blaich, Kathleen Wise

Facilitator: Kathleen Morley

Quality in Higher Education TAG Opening Session: Bringing the Meaning of Degrees...

Presenters: Peter Ewell, Clifford Adelman

Facilitator: Jonathan Gordon

Retention and Graduation TAG Opening Session: Basics and Best Practices

Presenters: Richard Howard, Gerald McLaughlin, Sandra Whalen, Josetta McLaughlin

Facilitator: Viktor Brenner

Tuesday, 3:15 PM - 3:55 PM Targeted Affinity Group Concurrent Sessions (17 Sessions)Top  

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - A Longitudinal Analysis of Outcomes Associated...

Presenters: Mary Jo Geise, William Knight

Facilitator: John Muffo

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - An Analysis of First-Generation College Studen...

Presenter: Shuang Liu

Facilitator: Lucy Walker

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - Does Receipt of Automatic Admission Affect Lik...

Presenters: Gloria Crisp, Catherine Horn, Gerard Dizinno, Elizabeth Barlow

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - From Simple Answer to Useful Answers: What We ...

Presenters: Douglas Anderson, Trevor Pittman

Facilitator: Deborah Dailey

Targeted Affinity Group: Affordability - A Flexible Model for Projecting Institu...

Presenter: Lauren Young

Targeted Affinity Group: Affordability - Colleges Matter: The Importance of Inst...

Presenter: Diane Cheng

Facilitator: Jamie Redwine

Targeted Affinity Group: Affordability - Evaluation of Institutional Financial A...

Presenters: Alfredo Sosa, Stephen DesJardins

Targeted Affinity Group: Liberal Arts Education - Effects of College Experiences...

Presenters: Kadian McIntosh, Bradley Cox, Patrick Terenzini

Facilitator: Robert Lester

Targeted Affinity Group: Liberal Arts Education - Transformation or Just a Vacat...

Presenter: Mark Salisbury

Facilitator: C. Ellen Peters

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Beyond the NRC: Assessing...

Presenters: Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Lydia Snover, Cathy Lebo

Facilitator: Christine Keller

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Implementing an Instituti...

Presenters: Patrice Lancey, Divya Bhati

Facilitator: Paula Krist

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Informing and Improving S...

Presenters: Katherine Cermak, Elizabeth Rossman, Breanna Adams, Jonathan Keiser, Julie Redmond

Facilitator: Mary Lelik

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Student Learning Assessme...

Presenters: Linda Heiland, Jon Outland

Facilitator: Kimberly Brantley

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - Analysis of Stopout and Tran...

Presenters: Iryna Johnson, William Muse

Facilitator: Mardy Eimers

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - Enhancing Campus Retention E...

Presenters: Linda DeAngelo, Ray Franke

Facilitator: Michelle Appel

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - How We Keep Them Here: A Mix...

Presenter: Brent Drake

Facilitator: Viktor Brenner

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - When IPEDS Falls Short: Deve...

Presenters: Paul Rusinko, Kris Coble, Jan Lyddon

Facilitator: Ruth Salter

Tuesday, 4:10 PM - 4:50 PM Targeted Affinity Group Concurrent Sessions (16 Sessions)Top  

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - Achieving a College Education: A Study of ACE ...

Presenters: Danna Rahl, Greg Hickman

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - Assessing the Impact of a First-Year Learning ...

Presenters: Cathrine Wambach, Ronald Huesman

Facilitator: Sam Lowther

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - Understanding Trends in Transfer Student Popul...

Presenters: Elayne Reiss, Sandra Archer, Yun Fu

Targeted Affinity Group: Access - Veterans’ Transition to Higher Education: An E...

Presenters: Jose Santos, Dani Molina

Targeted Affinity Group: Affordability - Leaving Money on the Table: Examining t...

Presenters: Lyle McKinney, Heather Novak, Shuang Liu, Elizabeth Johnston-O'Connor

Facilitator: Michael Black

Targeted Affinity Group: Affordability - Tuition, Fees, and Student Assistance P...

Presenter: Hans L'Orange

Facilitator: Fred Lillibridge

Targeted Affinity Group: Liberal Arts Education - Exploring the Utility of an En...

Presenters: Shouping Hu, Alexander McCormick

Facilitator: Nathan Lassila

Targeted Affinity Group: Liberal Arts Education - The Wabash Study: Four Years o...

Presenters: Jana Hanson, Dustin Weeden, Michael Valiga

Facilitator: Deborah Dailey

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Make More Effective Use o...

Presenter: Bin Ning

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Parsing Seniors’ Satisfac...

Presenter: Marne Einarson

Facilitator: Jamie Redwine

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Reconciling Higher Educat...

Presenters: Victor Borden, Brandi Kernel

Facilitator: Paula Krist

Targeted Affinity Group: Quality in Higher Education - Rubrics and Outcomes Asse...

Presenters: Charles Secolsky, Thomas Judd

Facilitator: Divya Bhati

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - A Fresh Look at Student Lear...

Presenters: Natalie Alleman Beyers, Patrick Rossol-Allison

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - International Student Retent...

Presenters: Kristen Hamilton, Dorys Crespin-Mueller

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - Revisiting Retention: A Four...

Presenters: Nicole Holland, Jim Lenio, Eric Riedel, David Baur, Sally Francis-Gerlach

Targeted Affinity Group: Retention and Graduation - Trend Analysis in Developmen...

Presenters: Kent Phillippe, Myriam Bikah

Facilitator: Janice Kelly-Reid

Tuesday, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Targeted Affinity Group Closing Discussion (5 Sessions)Top  

Access TAG Closing Discussion


Facilitator: Glenn James

Affordability TAG Closing Discussion


Facilitator: Geoffrey Selig

Liberal Arts TAG Closing Discussion


Facilitator: Kathleen Morley

Quality in Higher Education TAG Closing Discussion


Facilitator: Jonathan Gordon

Retention and Graduation TAG Closing Discussion


Facilitator: Viktor Brenner

Tuesday, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (One Session)Top  

Overseas Chinese Association for Institutional Research

Facilitator: Nan Hu

Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (One Session)Top  

Illinois Association for Institutional Research

Tuesday, 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM Special Interest and Affiliate Group Meetings (9 Sessions)Top  

California Association for Institutional Research

Colonial Institutional Research Group

Florida Association for Institutional Research

Mid America Association for Institutional Research

Middle East North Africa Association for Institutional Research

SUNY Association for Institutional Research and Planning Officers

The Delaware Study of Institutional Costs and Productivity

Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities

Facilitator: Mimi Johnson

Virginia Association for Management Analysis and Planning

Facilitator: Jamie Redwine

Tuesday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Duckwall Scholarship Celebration (One Session)Top  

Ticketed Event
Julia M. Duckwall Scholarship Dinner


Wednesday, 7:15 AM - 8:15 AM AIR Annual Business Meeting (One Session)Top  

AIR Annual Business Meeting

Wednesday, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Panels (14 Sessions)Top  

Becoming a Published Author: Options, Requirements, and Strategies

Presenters: Richard Howard, Gerald McLaughlin, John Muffo, Robert Toutkoushian, Paul Umbach

Facilitator: Jan O'Brien

Deciding Where to Go: Exploring Nuanced Understandings of College Choice and Stu...

Presenters: John Pryor, Thomas Barrett, Jessica Sharkness, Desiree Zerquera, Jin Chen

Don’t Sweat the Pre-Tenure Years: Understanding the Characteristics and Experien...

Presenters: Dawn Geronimo Terkla, Thomas McGuinness, Mia Joy Quint-Rapoport

Getting the Survey Monkey Off Our Backs: The Survey Management Process

Presenters: Charles Rich, Sharron Ronco, Jerome Rackoff, Tyler Hall

Facilitator: Denise Gardner

Lessons Learned From the Rollout of the NSF’s FY 2010 Higher Education R&D Survey

Presenter: Ronda Britt

Measuring Institutional Effectiveness: Examples from Two Institutions

Presenters: Sue Henderson, Jim Lenio, Eric Riedel, Kathryn Hahn

Facilitator: Deborah Dailey

Multiple Perspectives on Environmental Scanning to Strengthen Strategic Planning

Presenters: J. Robert Cowin, Fen Yu, Antigoni Papadimitriou

Facilitator: Dorys Crespin-Mueller

NCES Data Tools: A Demonstration

Presenters: Janice Plotczyk, Elise Miller, Jessica Shedd

Off the Shelf and Into Action: Strategies for Successful Implementation of the I...

Presenters: Beverly Barrington, Gita Pitter, Diana Barbu

One Man (or Woman) IR Office

Presenters: Crissie Grove Jameson, Laura Miller, Lor Miller

Predicting Factors of Nursing Students' Success in Program Retention and Passing...

Presenters: Nan Hu, Boaz Shulruf

Taking Postsecondary Data to the Next Level: K-12 Data Sharing Efforts in Kentuc...

Presenters: Tanya Garcia, Tim Gallimore, Heidi Hiemstra

Three Models of Direct-Evidence STEM Assessment

Presenters: Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, David Kasch, Casey Shapiro, Alice Ho, Erin Sanders

U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges: Details Behind Last Year's Methodology...

Presenters: Robert Morse, Samuel Flanigan, Diane Tolis

Facilitator: Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Wednesday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (One Session)Top  

2011-2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Refreshment Break Top  

Sponsored by


Wednesday, 9:45 AM - 10:25 AM (15 Sessions)Top  

A Transparency Framework: How to Make Student Learning Outcomes Results Accessib...

Presenter: Staci Provezis

Facilitator: Sheila Craft-Morgan

An Analysis of the Effectiveness of a Program to Increase Success Rates of Stude...

Presenter: G Rob Stuart

Assessment of Academic Goals in Learning Communities

Presenter: Randi Hagen

Constructing a Campus Climate and Diversity Survey: Applying Research at the Cam...

Presenter: John Pryor

Creating a Dashboard for Institutional Strategic Planning and Effectiveness

Presenters: Katherine Coy, Sarah Williams

Facilitator: Treva Lee

Examining Ethnicity in Latinos’ College Choice Decisions

Presenters: Anne-Marie Nunez, Gloria Crisp

Ilinois AIR Paper of the Year: A longitudinal study of the Illinois high school ...

Presenter: Eric Lichtenberger

Facilitator: Eric Godin

Informing Student Retention Programming Through Predictive Modeling

Presenters: Rebecca Patterson, Arnold Hook, IL Young Barrow, Robert Goldstein

Facilitator: Stephanie Thompson

IR's Role in the Development of a Successful QEP (...and Debunking Some Myths Al...

Presenter: Peter Usinger

Facilitator: S. Wickes Westcott

Persistence Is Good, But Does It Have Anything to Do With Learning?

Presenters: Shouping Hu, Alexander McCormick, Robert Gonyea

Facilitator: Qin Liu

Reducing the Smoke: Incorporating Student Input to Create Transparent Policy For...

Presenters: Malinda Matney, Simone Himbeault Taylor

Study Abroad: Who Participates and With What Benefit?

Presenter: Victor Borden

Facilitator: Jason Sullivan

The Three Pillars of Survey Administration: Structural, Technical, and Relationa...

Presenters: Mark Leany, Tim Stanley, Geoff Matthews

Facilitator: Jan O'Brien

Understanding Leadership Development on a Highly Diverse Campus: An Examination ...

Presenters: Satu Riutta, Daniel Teodorescu

Why Students Leave or Stay After the Sophomore Year: A Comparison Study Using th...

Presenters: Yang Zhang, Heidi Arbisi-Kelm

Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (One Session)Top  

AIR50 Task Force: Is it Time to Move On

Wednesday, 10:40 AM - 11:20 AM (14 Sessions)Top  

Academic Program Life Cycles (APLC): An Application of Dynamic Growth Model

Presenter: Edward Acquah

Apples to Apples: Using AAUDE Faculty-by-CIP Data to Account for Discipline Diff...

Presenters: Leonard Goldfine, Peter Radcliffe

Clear Skies: Using Cloud Technology to Simplify Strategic Planning

Presenter: Mary-Lou D'Allegro

Data Warehouse + Business Intelligence Tools = Multi-Dimensional Enrollment Repo...

Presenters: Linda Sullivan, M. Paige Borden

Forecasting College Enrollment by Artificial Intelligence and Partial Least Squa...

Presenter: Chau-Kuang Chen

Helping College Sophomores Succeed: Exploring Factors That Impact the Academic S...

Presenter: Kang Bai

Facilitator: Deborah Dailey

How We Dealt With the H1N1 Pandemic, and Other Uses of Tableau in an IR Office

Presenters: Dorys Crespin-Mueller, Kristen Hamilton

Facilitator: Azza Mahmoud

Identifying STEM Achievement: Differentiating and Predicting GPA and Gains in Sc...

Presenters: Jessica Sharkness, Kevin Eagan, Sylvia Hurtado, Tanya Figueroa

Facilitator: Soichiro Aihara

Implementation of a Grade Lift Metric: Nuances and Lessons Learned

Presenter: Jim Grasell

Is Your University Engaged? A Large Metropolitan University’s Approach to House ...

Presenters: Jeffrey Reiss, Uday Nair, Patrice Lancey, Divya Bhati

Now that Community Colleges are offering more Baccalaureates, What is the impact...

Presenter: Kent Phillippe

Facilitator: David Mongold

Resource Guide for Data-Informed Decision-Making in Higher Education

Presenters: Sathasivam Krishnan, William Mahler

Facilitator: Gloria Dohman

Transfer Into West Virginia Public Four-Year Institutions: Student Characteristi...

Presenters: Angela Bell, Robert Anderson

Facilitator: Robert Toutkoushian

Working Group on Graduate Education Data

Presenter: Lydia Snover

Wednesday, 11:35 AM - 12:15 PM (14 Sessions)Top  

A Two-Stage Graduation Rate Model for Four-Year Colleges With a Large Remedial S...

Presenter: Eva Chan

Facilitator: Fred Lillibridge

Alumni Perceptions of Success: Using Feedback Loops to Create Professional Devel...

Presenters: Erin Horne, Meredith Dean

Controlling for Differences in Student Learning Outcomes Across Videoconferencin...

Presenter: Randy Holley

Evaluation of a Ubiquitous Computing Program: Evolution and Results

Presenter: Wendy Marson

First-Generation Students’ Academic and Social Engagement at Large, Public Resea...

Presenters: Krista Soria, Ronald Huesman, Daniel Jones-White

How Do Rankings Affect Your Institution’s Reputation Among Students, Peers, and ...

Presenters: Michael Bastedo, Nicholas Bowman

Making Technology Work for Your Institutional Reporting Needs: Three Systems for...

Presenters: Timothy Wasserman, Barbara Yonai

Moderation Sessions: Engaging Faculty to Measure Learning Outcomes Reliably

Presenter: Jeff Grann

No Do Overs: Tips for Implementing a Business Intelligence Solution

Presenters: Tuesdi Helbig, Christopher James, Gina Huff

Facilitator: Mary Lelik

Second-Year Retention in Residence Halls: Why the Decline?

Presenters: Karen DeMonte, Heather Kelly

Stepping Out: Ensuring Successful Transition Out of University for Completing St...

Presenter: Anne Young

Ten Practical Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

Presenter: Karolynn Horan

Using Evidence-Based Decision-Making in a Campuswide Portal Environment to Strat...

Presenter: Amanda Yale

Facilitator: Sue Herring

Where Does Assessment Live on Your Campus? How to Nurture and Grow Assessment Ca...

Presenters: Kim VanDerLinden, Annemieke Rice

Facilitator: Melanie Sullivan

Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Annual Luncheon (One Session)Top  

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Annual Luncheon