2011 Forum SeminAIRs

Sunday, May 22 - noon to 3:00 p.m.

SeminAIRs address an issue of importance in the institutional research field. Each SeminAIR consists of a facilitator and 25 participants who are interested in discussing a common issue or concern. The small group setting is designed to produce rich discussions and provide attendees with a network of colleagues with similar interests.

SeminAIR Topics

  • One-Person IR Office

    Facilitators: Steve Thorpe, Director of Institutional Research, Widener University, Dale Trusheim, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment, Washington College

    Category Descriptions

    Focuses on how individuals in one-person offices handle the demands of the profession. Some topics might include examining the “tricks of the trade” that will help achieve the goals of the office more easily, how to partner with other offices on campus to deal with some of the demands, learning to prioritize. Anyone who works alone in the IR office is encouraged to join in this discussion.

  • IR in For-Profit Institutions

    Facilitator: Joseph Hoey, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, Bridgepoint Education

    Category Descriptions

    With the advent of additional external requirements for the “for-profit” sector, there is a need to provide an opportunity for representatives from these institutions to gather and discuss how they have addressed the pressures. Allowing the time for exploring the unique challenges of conducting IR within this sector is warranted. If you are at a for-profit institution, come participate in this SeminAIR.

  • Mid-Career IR Professionals: Where do we go from here?

    Facilitator: Mike McGuire, Executive Director, Office of Planning & Institutional Research, Georgetown University

    Category Descriptions

    Thinking strategically about the career path of the IR professional is a question that faces our membership. Exploring the opportunities for advancement, planning the latter part of the career, and considering the role that we can play at our institutions will be discussed. If you are at, or coming to, the cross-roads of your career, join in this discussion.

  • Collaboration and Communication with Internal and External Audiences

    Facilitator: Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Ohio State University

    Category Descriptions

    IR cannot work in a vacuum. This SeminAIR will highlight best practices in how to work in collaboration with other offices/departments on campus to better utilize institutional resources. The ability to communicate with partners both on and off campus is important. Anyone who faces the challenge of working across reporting lines would find this SeminAIR beneficial.

  • Graduate Students in IR

    Facilitators: Rob Toutkoushian, Professor, Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia and Karen Webber, Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Georgia

    Category Descriptions

    This SeminAIR provides the opportunity for graduate students in attendance to explore the opportunities within the IR profession and gives them insight into the workings of the Forum and the Association. Come join this group to meet other graduate students and gain new insight into the potential for your future.

  • Academically Adrift Discussion Group

    Facilitators: Jonathan Keiser, Director of Evaluation and Assessment, Columbia College Chicago and Marc Chun, Director of Education and Director of Product Strategy, Council for Aid to Education

    Category Descriptions

    The January 2011 release of the book, Academically Adrift:  Limited Learning on College Campuses, created a tidal wave of discussion in the higher education world and beyond. This SeminAIR will explore the multiple and complex perspectives one can have on the findings from the book and discuss the implications and possible actions that higher education might take as a result.  Please read the book and join us for this very timely conversation.